Backyard Patio Reveal

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I’m excited to show off our patio we finished up yesterday.  I didn’t realize until yesterday that Drew and I have never had patio furniture (other then a small bistro set) in the entire time we’ve been together.

We moved into our home a year ago and our backyard was a hot mess.  We moved into a house that was only a few years old and if any of you have every moved into a new home you’ll know the builders do as minimal as possible to the backyard.

When we first moved in we set up our bistro set (yea the only outside furniture we owned) and Drew got to work with a bar for our patio.  (The patio that was just an idea.)

Next came the patio.

This is where we stopped last summer.  We installed a retaining wall and bought a fireplace.

This summer was phase buy some furniture so we didn’t have to use the folding chairs we use for Sloan’s sporting events!  We searched high and low and quickly realized outdoor furniture is priced really really high!!  We ended up saving lots of money and bought our furniture from World Market.  I’m sure the biggest reason we saved so much is because everything had to be put together.

We purchased the furniture and brought it home and because Drew’s been out of town it sat in the garage for about a week.  Well on Monday after work Drew decided we were going to put the furniture together and finish the patio.  (Let me tell you when Drew decides a project is going to get done it gets done and at a record pace!)

The bar is finished (except a skirt I plan on installing).  I really like how the tile backsplash turned out.  The bar is going to be great for buffet style dinners and margarita making!

The dining room table.  I love the bench.  We have 2 more chairs coming but they are on back order.  (Ugh…don’t they know I’m all about instant gratification!)

A close up of silver ivy.  It’s easy to take care of and very drought tolerant.  Hopefully, I’ll keep them alive!

I added a little fun to our old bistro set by adding some lanterns.

The sofa table will be great for throwing magazines in and of course holding a bottle of wine (or two).

The rug separate the area and makes it it’s own.  The pillows were from Pottery Barn.  (They are on sale right now.)

The terra cotta pot is from my best friend’s wedding from years ago, it was a centerpiece that was filled with lemons.  I’ve used it throughout my house since I received it.   Right now it’s holding small pears and a ceramic plant marker I made at a party I went with a bunch of my girlfriends.  (Use things that mean something to you!)

A few shots from the patio.

I’m excited to enjoy our outdoor living space but I’m pretty sure Drew has a few more plans for our backyard this summer.  Hopefully I can convince him to start the next phase NEXT year!!


Free Decorating Advice

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Design inspiration is everywhere nowadays and alot of times it’s free.  One of my favorite places to get design ideas and tips are mail order catalogs.

To show you what I mean I’ll show you some examples in the latest Pottery Barn catalog that just came out.

There are lots of tips like the following:

Create a Map Wall

Combine a Shelf Display with a Wall Gallery

Update a Room in an Instant

Make an All White Bed

How to Host a Brunch

Decorate with Glass and Candles

Get White with Right

Create the Perfect Wine Bar

Small Living Spaces

Decorate with Faux Flowers (Sorry not on board with that one!)

How to Measure for Drapes

How to Hang Drapes

There are also ideas that you can make your own for alot less money then in the catalog itself like this large linen pinboard.

I think you could so replicate that for less then $50.00!

I love how big this chalkboard in the dining room is.  I know the chalkboard has been done alot but putting it in a new place like this is really cool!

I sometimes have problems coming up with how to arrange items on the wall and this wall of mirrors is really beautiful!

So is this photo wall!  I love how none of the frames match but yet it all comes together!

This furniture is seen in lots of home magazines but its not why I posted it, I posted this photo because I love the paneled wall behind it!  Make sure you look at the whole photo and not what is being sold when looking for design ideas!

I’ve made a list of home catalogs that are free and are great for design ideas!

Pottery Barn

Crate and Barrel

Williams Sonoma Home

Shades of Light

Restoration Hardware





I’d love if you shared with me where you go for design inspiration!

Also make sure to check out High Gloss a new online magazine!  Saying it’s killer is putting it mildly!

Television Console Reveal

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As you all know we purchased a house back in May and have been busy getting unpacked, decorating and doing some major remodeling.  The first project my husband wanted to finish was our basement that was completely unfinished.  I’m happy to report that we now have an office, guest room, bathroom and family room in our downstairs space!

I went home to visit family about a month ago and I’ll show you what I came home to.

My worst nightmare, a big black box of a television.  I’m not a t.v. watcher and honestly if I lived on my own and had no husband or child I’m not sure if I’d even own one (but don’t take away my mac!), but my family loves them some t.v.,  xbox, wii, playstation and whatever other gadgets they’ve collected over the years, so began my hunt for a television console that would hold all their equipment and be large enough to compete with the newly acquired television.

I quickly learned they were expensive!!  I mean way more then I wanted to spend, like I said I don’t even like t.v., I’d rather spend that money on the new sofa table I have my eye on (the link has been sent to my husband for xmas!)

The rhys console from pottery barn was $899.00 and was way too small for the wall.

The Pearson from Crate and Barrel was $1200 and was a little too modern for my taste and again too small.

So you know me, I decided to head on over to the Goodwill and found something I liked, but I hesitated at first because it was $50.00.   Let me explain how my mind works, I’ll spend $100.00 on a blouse from Anthropologie but if a shirt is over $20.00 at Target I tell myself it’s too expensive.  So it’s sorta the same thing, one second I’m looking at television cabinets that cost $1200.00 but now all of a sudden $50.00 is too much because it’s sitting at the Goodwill.  (I know I’m not wired right!)

But after looking it over I quickly realized this was a sturdy piece of furniture, with lots of drawers and space for everything and the lines were pretty amazing.  Plus I thought what would $50.00 buy me at department store?  (I’ll answer that for you!)

So I made arrangements to get the piece home and after sanding it, priming and painting and adding new brass fixtures this is the before & final results! (Oh and a sneak peek of our basement!)



Dont forget to link up your furniture or design related project!

Are you looking for some design advice? I can help!

Nativity Scene

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I have been searching for a nativity scene for years and they are either too cheesy or too expensive. I finally find one and I love it but..

go figure it’s sold out! Isn’t it only December 3rd? Oh well hopefully next year Pottery Barn will have it again! Of course I probably should still go to Pottery Barn this weekend just to make sure!

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