Do Your Homework!

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I have a trip to Ikea planned in the near future and everytime I go I say I’m going to make a list of what I need to pick up and everytime I forget to make the list or I make the list and forget to bring it with me!

This time I thought if I blogged about it then I can’t mess up right!  I can just pull up my post on my phone!

I’ve spent a few days looking over the catalog and measuring spots so I know if things will fit where I need so all I need to do it hop in my car and go!

Here’s the items on my list.

I’m hoping this loveseat will end up in our master bedroom.  I’ve talked about it before, I need something for our room for the end of our bed. Our room is huge.   I recently bought a loveseat from a thrift store but get this, even though I paid for it and put it on hold they sold it to someone else!  Luckily they returned my money.  I decided to go for a cheaper version of what I had in mind.  I don’t suspect will use the couch a ton, other then Drew sitting on it when he’s getting ready in the morning and my daughter laying on it when we have tv nights in our bedroom.  We seem to all gravitate to the master bedroom!

This rug is also going in our bedroom.  We have carpet in our bedroom already but I thought it might make the area where I put the couch and coffee table more defined and a bit more cozy.  I’ll let you know how the carpet on top of carpet works out.

Frames, frames, frames!  I always pick up a few when I’m there (along with voltive candles) they are super cheap and I still have lots of wall space to fill!

Some picture ledges for the basement.  I have been collecting unframed oil paintings and I think they might look better grouped together on the ledges.

This bench is for our laundry room (still not done).  We desperately need a place to sit and a place to put the million of shoes that end up in there!  I love this piece!

I want to buy 2 of these mirrors.  I have plans to mount these over the large mirror that is in our master bathroom.  Our master bath is pretty blah and very new house cookie cutter but I have no immediate plans to gut it and for now I’m just going to spruce it up so at least its less blah.

A runner for the master bathroom.  Love this design!  Neutral but a fun pattern!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Free Decorating Advice

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Design inspiration is everywhere nowadays and alot of times it’s free.  One of my favorite places to get design ideas and tips are mail order catalogs.

To show you what I mean I’ll show you some examples in the latest Pottery Barn catalog that just came out.

There are lots of tips like the following:

Create a Map Wall

Combine a Shelf Display with a Wall Gallery

Update a Room in an Instant

Make an All White Bed

How to Host a Brunch

Decorate with Glass and Candles

Get White with Right

Create the Perfect Wine Bar

Small Living Spaces

Decorate with Faux Flowers (Sorry not on board with that one!)

How to Measure for Drapes

How to Hang Drapes

There are also ideas that you can make your own for alot less money then in the catalog itself like this large linen pinboard.

I think you could so replicate that for less then $50.00!

I love how big this chalkboard in the dining room is.  I know the chalkboard has been done alot but putting it in a new place like this is really cool!

I sometimes have problems coming up with how to arrange items on the wall and this wall of mirrors is really beautiful!

So is this photo wall!  I love how none of the frames match but yet it all comes together!

This furniture is seen in lots of home magazines but its not why I posted it, I posted this photo because I love the paneled wall behind it!  Make sure you look at the whole photo and not what is being sold when looking for design ideas!

I’ve made a list of home catalogs that are free and are great for design ideas!

Pottery Barn

Crate and Barrel

Williams Sonoma Home

Shades of Light

Restoration Hardware





I’d love if you shared with me where you go for design inspiration!

Also make sure to check out High Gloss a new online magazine!  Saying it’s killer is putting it mildly!

Holiday Break is Over!

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I had a really great vacation and got alot done, although it be great to be off a few more weeks!  Sloan doesn’t go back to school until the end of the week so I’m not into the full swing of things yet but I’m getting my groove back.  The Christmas crap stuff was put away this weekend and the pine needles have been vacuumed up.  (What a freaking mess!)

We made a trip back to my hometown, had a nice Christmas with family (Drew spoiled me big time, thanks for the camera!) and we even managed to squeeze in a trip to Cincinnati (Ikea!)

Before my break I was suffering from a major house remodeling/decorating burnout.  We’ve been so busy since we’ve moved in and I think I just hit a wall.

Here’s a few pics from our holiday season.

(Lilly enjoying her Christmas gift!)

(Sloan and her pillow pet…ummm another one of those things I can’t help but think, why didn’t I think of that???)

My dirty little secret, while I prepared the house for Thanksgiving all my projects got thrown in my office!

(I’ve been busy at work and have a mini reveal to show you soon!)

(Our trip to Ikea, notice Sloan is wearing makeup…mom’s not ready for her baby to grow up!)

(I really REALLY want this faucet for  my kitchen.)

(Sloan’s favorite Ikea kitchen)

I’ve been busy, busy, busy and I can’t wait to show you the progress I’ve made in my office, our master bedroom, the guest room and family room, I even bought some goodies at Ikea I’ll show off!

Any New Year’s Resolutions?  Need some help organizing or styling your home for the new year?  I’d love to help!

Warm Weather

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I couldn’t help but do a little spring decorating yesterday but since we’re selling our home, it was decorating on a budget.

First I picked up these planters from Ikea for .99 a piece!

Then $2.00 plants from Walmart and voila!

I also decided to get out my patio furniture a little earlier then I usually do. I wanted to enjoy our patio before we moved. We even ate dinner on the patio last night! The space needed a rug though, so off to Target I went and picked this one up for $50.00. (The rug is not online.)

But first I had to do something about this.

This is the first thing I ever bought when I moved out on my own when I was 20 years old. Do the math, it’s 19 years old. Drew hates this thing and rightfully so but I can’t get rid of it for some reason, and I have no idea why because if anyone knows me I’m usually all about getting rid of things. But my little trunk from Pier One has lasted longer then friendships, relationships, apartments, homes and made its way to California and back to Indiana.
It’s been out of the house for awhile now and I use it outside in the summer and I store cushions in it in the garage in the winter.

So for $2.50 it now looks like this!

Yea, Drew still hates it! It looks a little better though!

Here’s my new rug.

Here’s my “new” trunk on the patio.

And here’s the money shot!

So all I have to say is cold weather you are no longer welcome, bring on the 80 degree days!!

Anyone else doing anything to welcome the warmer weather?

I also darkened up my hand sketched window treatments from yesterday if you want to take a better look!

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

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There are things that make me happy (but I may not have) and there are things I can’t live without and I always have! These are definitely on the top of my can’t live without list. It goes without saying Drew and Sloan are on the top of my list but here’s the other things.

1. Banana Republic tank tops and t-shirts. I wear their tank tops all the time, from morning to night, I have a dresser full of them. They are the best, very lightweight like you’re not even wearing one. I also love their t-shirts for the gym, they are fitted but don’t feel tight.

2. Cetaphil. I have been using it for 20 years and everytime I think I need to try something new my skin reminds me quickly that, that’s not a good idea!

3. Cocktail rings or any kind of costume jewelry, Forever 21, H&M, Target it’s all good! Drew’s lucked out because I really don’t care for expensive jewelry.

4. Flowers! I buy them almost weekly in the winter and once summer is here I love to pull something from our front or back yard, it doesn’t have to be expensive I just like a little greenery in the house.

5. Ikea tealights at 2.99 for 100 how could I not love them! I buy a few bags everytime we make a trip to Ikea. In fact, I need another Ikea trip soon. My mother-in-law, Kris told me years ago everything looks better by candlelight and she could not be more right!!

6. My iPhone and who am I kidding my Mac and my iPod too, I’m an apple girl through and through! Can we say addiction?

7. A nice watch! This is where Drew doesn’t luck out, I like me a good watch! My Philip Stein is my favorite and has been for years, for a special treat I like to buy myself a new band. I’m currently on the look out for an old vintage men’s Timex.

8. RareMinerals Moisturizer is my recent new best friend. I’ve been using it for a few years now and its become my security blanket, maybe it will help me hold on to my 30s for a bit longer!

9. My kitchenaid mixer, it’s taught me that I love to bake, and I’m pretty sure it’s one of Drew’s favorite things too. We seriously use our mixer minimum once a week!

10. Flip flops. (Sooooo ready for summer!!) In the wintertime its my Uggs and in the summertime its all about the flip flops although I maybe trying to act more like an adult this summer and wear more cute sandals. (We’ll see…)

So that’s it, your turn tell me 1 thing you can’t live without, and yea yea yea, I get your hubby, and baby, what else though??

Ikea (Resource Friday)

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Who hasn’t shopped at Ikea right? I love the store so much that I drag my family for weekend shopping trips. I thought I’d write about something besides their couches, beds and storage containers.

Today it’s all about the fabric! Not only is it really cool it’s priced great too! If you are looking to make a statement in a room you can do it with any of their fabric.

The name and price of the fabric is under each swatch, and unfortunately you can’t order the fabric online, which means weekend shopping trip!!

Fredrika $6.99 per yard

Gunvor $6.99 per yard

Hjordis $5.99 per yard

Inger $5.99 per yard

Kajsastina $5.99 per yard

Patricia $7.99 per yard

Saralisa $8.99 per yard

At these prices why wouldn’t you change your pillow covers every couple months?

I really like the saralisa, do you have a favorite?

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!

Master Bedroom

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When we originally moved into the house our bedroom was downstairs but we decided we would move upstairs into the loft area because the room was much bigger. This is the room before we did anything. Its your basic beige empty room.

At the time I used paint and furniture that we already owned and did a quick makeover. The room was nice but not functional. There is only a very small closet that doesn’t even begin to work for just my clothes. We lived with this room for a few years but then decided to make the room more functional and I also decided to go outside of “my box” and try to design a room that I normally would not of done.

Here’s what the room looked like as it started to come together. I did keep brown in the room because virtually everyone of my rooms has brown in it and I like the house to have a flow to it. Stay tuned tomorrow to see the finish result!

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