A Little House to Your Home Update

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Hi everyone!!!  I hope you all are having an amazing summer and hopefully staying cool!  We’re having a great summer at the Jones’ household and are as busy as ever.  (Volleyball camps, cheerleading practice, trips to Lake Michigan and lots of home projects!)


(Hint:  We’re going old school and buying a Jenny Lind crib for Baby Bean)


I’m just about 6 months pregnant and it seems like the pregnancy is flying by.  I will admit the first 4 1/2 months were brutally rough.  Lots of morning sickness and literally no energy to even shower somedays, my bed was my best friend.  Being so sick was a bit overwhelming because I’m not one to sit around and luckily I rarely get sick so mentally it wasn’t good for me but I kept reminding myself that the more pregnancy symptoms I had the better the baby was doing!



(Working on my new (extremely small) office space, baby bean is taking my old one, so this photo from Made by Girl is in my inspiration file.)


I’m feeling alot more comfortable about this pregnancy too, we lost our girls Harper and Nora 2 years ago on July 30th when I was 22 weeks so to pass that 22 week point made me breath a little easier.  I also have lots of energy and feel amazing and am throughly enjoying that little baby kick (never stops!)!!


(I love this repurposed light sconce from Eddie Ross, it was originally brass and he dyed the shades with Rit and applied trim, he’s my hero!)

As far as my blog is going it’s still going to be a bit longer before my new site is up and running.  I had decided on a website developer awhile back but recently found someone local who I wanted to work with, so we’re working together now.  The site has a new logo and will have a new and fun look that I hope everyone likes.  I also have decided to expand a bit on the blog and talk about raising a 13 year old, raising a newborn and being a mother in her 40’s (yikes!), all while trying to balance this fairly new career and trying to keep life organized both family and home.  Design will still be the main focus of House to your Home.



(Sloan wants her bedroom tweaked and is loving the striped wall.)

Since the new site is not running yet I have decided to sporadically post from time to time just to keep you intrigued so I hope you’ll stop back!!  Enjoy your summer!!



Busy! Busy! Busy!

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Everyone loves this time of year but those that know me know that I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas and I think the main reason is because it seems like I’m being pulled in a million directions, lots of parties, lots of house projects, lots of activities for my daughter and lots and lots of work for clients who are looking to get their house in tip top shape before guests come to their house.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited to work with everyone and I love all the moodboard designs I get to put together, the fun thing about my job is that everyone is so different and there are always new challenges but most of all everyone is so nice!  I’m also learning I can’t do it all (who knew!)  I feel like I haven’t painted a piece of furniture forever, however we just finished painting our new dining room set, however I really would like to get back to painting furniture for my clients, that’s probably my favorite part of what I do.

Don’t even get me started on Christmas decorating, I’ve finished the outside but really haven’t done much on the inside.  I think I’m pouting because we don’t have a real fireplace.  The previous owner of our house never installed a mantel and Christmas just doesn’t seem right not having our stocking hung over the fireplace.  My husband teases me and says he’s surprised that he hasn’t come home to find me with bricks and mortar trying to do the project on my own.

Regardless of how busy I am I have to remember my family is happy and healthy and are blessed upon blessed and I’m going to try my hardest to enjoy this time of year!

Here’s a little fireplace envy for ya!

Oh how I love Mr. Eddie Ross!

Thanksgiving Table Inspirations

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We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year and I feel a little nervous because surprise surprise I’m not prepared, meaning my table and chairs that we’re supposed to eat on aren’t finished yet!  (Shocker!)

One of my favorite things to do besides cook with my mother-in-law (yep she’s my b/f/f), hang out with my favorite people of all time, drink lots of wine & play games is setting my Thanksgiving table.  Hopefully, I’ll have a table to set!

This is what our table looked like last year.

Honestly, I’m a little bit stumped on what to do so I did a little research and here’s some inspiration for myself and for you if you need it.

(Above images Martha Stewart)

(Above images Better Homes & Garden)

(Above Images Southern Living)

These last three are my favorite, they are designed by Eddie Ross, seriously no one can set a table like he can, I love how he mixes old with new, high priced with bargain priced and unique items you wouldn’t think of using.

Guess it’s time to get busy!

Favorite Image of the Week

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(Eddie Ross)

Eddie Ross and Bloggers Rule!

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If you click over to Eddie Ross’s blog you’ll be able to read his thank you speech for winning the Bloomingdale’s Big Window Challenge.

(Photo from Eddie Ross)

He honestly is the most gracious guy in the world to thank all the bloggers out there who wrote about him during the contest (me included!) He’s right though, I’ve only had this blog for a short time but have quickly realized the girls and guys who have design/shelter blogs out there are so cool and more then anything way talented! So go on over to his site today and check out some new blogs to read and make sure to congrats him, Jaithan Kochar and Elle Decor on their big win!

Eddie Ross knows how to Set a Christmas Table

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This weekend we finished up decorating the inside of the house and Drew put the lights up outside. I’m glad Drew got the lights up yesterday because we woke up to a blanket of snow this morning!

This table was done by Eddie Ross! I love him! He can set a table like no one’s business!

So let me ask you do you decorate your table for Christmas?

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