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May 14, 2011 at 1:14 am | Posted in personal | 7 Comments
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Besides the patio reveal not too many projects have been happening here.  When my husband, Drew gets involved he reels me in and only lets me work on one project at a time.  (I hate to admit it but it’s how things actually get done!)  We did however work together to move a bird nest from our front porch.  (Imagine 2 grown adults freaking out over a little bird trying to attack us!)  I’m sad to say that I’ve given up having ferns on the porch!

I will admit I worked on a small project though.  I’ve mentioned before that I have alot of bookshelves throughout our house and not alot of books other then design books and they are in my office.  Besides, I wanted pretty books (yes there is such a thing) in fact once I started searching for books I quickly learned that older books are absolutely beautiful.  (They make me ashamed I love my kindle so much.)

I found a great source for cheap older books so yesterday I headed over to half price books and picked up a row of books.  This is a great source for beautiful books you can actually buy books buy the yard and it’s only about $20.00!!  Yesterday I picked up a set of books from the 1967’s (28 books) and only paid $13.00 for them!

Another thing I did this week was go to numerous doctor appointments, which may excuse the fact I only posted twice this week.  (Sorry!)  I think I’m finally comfortable enough to share the news with you all that I’m officially a few weeks into my second trimester and very happily pregnant!!  It’s been a very, very long road and most of you know the journey has been incredibly hard for our family and honestly we’re all still quite apprehensive.  (Prayers and good thoughts are welcomed!)  It sorta stinks when you’ve suffered so much loss that when something great finally happens you end up feeling that you can’t truly appreciate the blessing.  We are taking things one day at a time and focusing on how great things have been going, besides the all day sickness and feeling like a zombie, but when you’ve been through what we’ve been through those terrible pregnancy symptoms are in fact blessings to be celebrated!!

I’m finally feeling about 85% back to normal and I hope to crank out a few more projects in the next coming months so again thank you all who come by and read House to your Home!

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