Curtains Outside?

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Now that the patio is finished (ha, who am I kidding).  Now that the patio furniture is out I’m already thinking about what I can add and I’m thinking maybe some outdoor curtains.

(A Soft Place to Land)

(Southern Hospitality)


I love this lattice treatment below but unfortunately since I have porch spindles that go up pretty high the look wouldn’t work for my porch.


There are so many outdoor fabrics to chose from now and it would be really easy to do especially since I have a fancy grommet tool!  You can even use an inexpensive sheet for your curtains because it would dry so quickly but you might have to be careful about it ripping in the wind but I think it would probably last a season and for less then $10.00 it might be worth doing!

Do you like curtains outside?


Front Porch Resource List

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I received alot of questions about where certain items from my patio came from so here is the breakdown.

As you can see there was nothing I had to order online, there is nothing from trade only and nothing from a high end store.  This isn’t to say that I don’t buy high end items for my home but sometimes I’m all about instant gratification.  I like to run to Target get what I need and put it into the space and it’s done!

This just proves my case that it doesn’t take alot of money to make a space beautiful.

If you have a outdoor space you’d like to share I’d love to see it!!

Operation Backyard Patio

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Last year we poured a patio, installed cement pavers and cement bar.

This year comes the fun part of buying new patio furniture and adding some landscaping around the patio.  This last weekend while I was working on my front porch Drew installed some lighting over the backyard patio.

He used fencing material for the poles and cut the lighting to fix the length of the patio.  He thought the lighting would be fun for some parties we have planned this summer.  The nice thing about the lighting is that it easily comes down so during the day we can have the patio umbrella up to keep the sun away.

We also finally bought some patio furniture after looking around at probably 10 different stores.  Let’s just say that outdoor furniture is expensive!  Some of the furniture cost almost $10,000.00 for what we were looking for.  Well needless to say that’s not in our budget so we ended up buying our furniture from World Market.  Not only was it on sale the more you spent the bigger discount they gave so we ended up buying everything we needed and got 40% off the sale price.  The only downside??  We now have 15 boxes of furniture in our garage waiting to be put together!

I’m hoping in the next week I’ll have photos to share!!

I’ve received alot of emails asking about where I purchased items on my front patio so tomorrow I will do a post on that!

Springtime Front Porch

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Last week I wrote about the sad state of my front porch and told you I would post the updates on Friday.  Well, I know you’d be surprised to find out that I decided to do a “bit” more then put a new wreath on the door.

A little reminder of what the door looked like last week.

Yea, you don’t have to tell me it’s looked pretty sad!  This past winter was brutally cold, icy and snowy and our spring has been just as sucky, I think it has rained almost everyday!  So going outside to do anything to the porch was just not a big priority.

I will also say I’ve never been a huge fan of wreaths on my door other then maybe Christmas but our door is ugly and it’s also very, very plain and until we replace the door adding a wreath almost helps hide the door, if that makes any sense.

Before I show you the reveal I thought it would be fun to see some photos of the front porch from when we first moved in.

This was one of the first spaces in our house that was unpacked and a place I would sit to get away from the mess!  As you can see it wasn’t much but as I’ve talked about many times decorating a space goes in stages and this is what I like to call the making do with what you already own stage!

Here’s a photo of the porch this last Halloween.

So that brings us back to today.  Here is a photo of the front door for the spring and summer.

If you notice I added a Welcome stencil to the door.  Probably not my usual style to do this but I thought perhaps I could step outside the box and try something new, especially since the door will eventually will be replaced.  I also bought a new wreath and greenery.

The front porch now…

I decided to stick with a green and black scheme.  I also had Drew install a chandelier.  (Thank you D!)

Some new flowers, succulents and candles.

I sprayed the chair black to keep with the color scheme.

Now hopefully it will stop raining so I can enjoy the porch!!

Indication of My Life

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My mother-in-law/best friend  (yep b/f, I’m lucky like that) have a long running saying of  if you want to know how crazy my life is right now take a look inside my purse.  Since I couldn’t get a good shot of the inside of my purse (which btw is a hot mess) I thought I’d share this photo with you.

This is my front door.  The photo was taken this morning.  Notice the red berry wreath and the Welcome hanger with the snowflake!  Apparently I didn’t get the memo that it was almost May!  (Told ya, I’m a hot mess right now!)

I did a little makeover today so please stop by tomorrow and I’ll reveal my more appropriate spring front door!

Silver or Gold?

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I recently went to a jewelry party and the consultant asked the women there if they preferred silver or gold and everyone had a very strong opinion but very few seemed to share my opinion of the question.  I like both and although years ago I would’ve never thought of mixing the two of them together I totally do now.  I also love the look of mixed metals in home design.

I love silver, gold, gunmetal, brass, bronze & glass!

This is a perfect example of how to bring bright brass up to date!

Urban Grace

Not only are the cabinets a different color but so is the hardware and amazingly it works!

Decor Pad

If silver and gold look great in this kitchen why not mix silver and gold jewelry!!

Decor Pad

A silver faucet and oil bronzed hardware.

Decor Pad

So don’t be afraid to mix and match, it makes your home more inviting and comfortable!!

Art Snob?

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Me? Not so much! Except I’m not a fan of “artwork” that you can buy at department stores. I’d rather paint something myself or even hang my daughter’s artwork or hang postcards or photos, ok really anything but department store art. is a great place for affordable art for your home. This is where I’m totally not an art snob, I love this site.

My modern art class has been my favorite class since I’ve gone back to school.

Here’s some artwork from that I totally love!!



(Rothko-He’s my favorite!)


Have a great weekend everyone and a blessed Easter!!!

A Present for Lilly

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Don’t you love this spotted fabric??

Lilly loves it too! She loves it so much that we’re having a doggy bed made for her and it’ll be here in 2 weeks! Trust me she’s super excited!!

Lilly loves her current bed and it’s the reason we decided to give her a fancier one this time. Where does your dog sleep, I’d love to know!!

Patio Ideas

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I think I’ve come up with a starting point for our patio.

I found this patio set from World Market it is called Catalina Dining.

Then of course you’ve can never have enough pillows right?  These would go in the sitting area near the fireplace on our patio.  (I haven’t figured out what patio furniture I’m getting yet.)

(Bhotah Outdoor Pillow-Pottery Barn

(Floral Embroidered Pillow-Pottery Barn

Then I’ll need some lighting.

(Some white outdoor string lights)

(Some candle lanterns for the table)

(Mini River Rock Firebowls for the brick columns-Restoration Hardware)

Then some greenery.  My favorite.

(Lots of Boston Ferns for the the brick columns!)

So excited for warm weather and hanging outside in the evenings!!

Outdoor Inspirations

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Like I mentioned yesterday we’ve been thinking about what we’re going to do with the patio space we finished last summer.

I have to admit I’m having such a hard time with our new home.  Why you ask?  It’s because it’s a new home, I’ve always had older homes and there is a history and a character to the house and I’ve always followed that when designing my spaces.

Last weekend my husband and I went shopping at a big patio store and although the outdoor furniture was beautiful it was just too…matchy matchy to what I’m used to.  I can go to other people’s homes and they can have new and beautiful and lovely furniture and I love it but in their homes, it just doesn’t feel right in mine.

So my dilemma is how do I have a new home and make my mis-matched eclectic look fit with the house?

Here’s some outdoor spaces I think are beautiful and per usual the styles are all over the place!  Casual, formal, romantic, modern!  That’s how I roll people!

Country Home

Country Home


Home Base Design

House to Home

Martha Stewart


Southern Living

Southern Living

Now if it would only stop raining in Indianapolis, maybe we can start designing that outdoor space!!

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