A Little House to Your Home Update

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Hi everyone!!!  I hope you all are having an amazing summer and hopefully staying cool!  We’re having a great summer at the Jones’ household and are as busy as ever.  (Volleyball camps, cheerleading practice, trips to Lake Michigan and lots of home projects!)


(Hint:  We’re going old school and buying a Jenny Lind crib for Baby Bean)


I’m just about 6 months pregnant and it seems like the pregnancy is flying by.  I will admit the first 4 1/2 months were brutally rough.  Lots of morning sickness and literally no energy to even shower somedays, my bed was my best friend.  Being so sick was a bit overwhelming because I’m not one to sit around and luckily I rarely get sick so mentally it wasn’t good for me but I kept reminding myself that the more pregnancy symptoms I had the better the baby was doing!



(Working on my new (extremely small) office space, baby bean is taking my old one, so this photo from Made by Girl is in my inspiration file.)


I’m feeling alot more comfortable about this pregnancy too, we lost our girls Harper and Nora 2 years ago on July 30th when I was 22 weeks so to pass that 22 week point made me breath a little easier.  I also have lots of energy and feel amazing and am throughly enjoying that little baby kick (never stops!)!!


(I love this repurposed light sconce from Eddie Ross, it was originally brass and he dyed the shades with Rit and applied trim, he’s my hero!)

As far as my blog is going it’s still going to be a bit longer before my new site is up and running.  I had decided on a website developer awhile back but recently found someone local who I wanted to work with, so we’re working together now.  The site has a new logo and will have a new and fun look that I hope everyone likes.  I also have decided to expand a bit on the blog and talk about raising a 13 year old, raising a newborn and being a mother in her 40’s (yikes!), all while trying to balance this fairly new career and trying to keep life organized both family and home.  Design will still be the main focus of House to your Home.



(Sloan wants her bedroom tweaked and is loving the striped wall.)

Since the new site is not running yet I have decided to sporadically post from time to time just to keep you intrigued so I hope you’ll stop back!!  Enjoy your summer!!



Taking a Small Break

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Hey guys!!! I’m admitting defeat and I’m taking a break from the blog for a bit. This pregnancy is kicking my butt in a major way and not much on the interior design front is getting done besides client consultations and getting Sloan to point A to point B.

I won’t be gone forever though, I’ve actually been working on a new design for the blog and I think everyone will really like it.

I’m hoping in a few months I’ll be able to launch the new site and I promise I’ll keep track of what’s going on at the house now and include the projects we have in the works.

I want to thank everyone for reading my blog, I’ve met some incredible people and I hope you’ll all come back when the new site is launched.

For now wish me luck as I work on my most important project…a healthy baby!!!

Weekly Recap

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Besides the patio reveal not too many projects have been happening here.  When my husband, Drew gets involved he reels me in and only lets me work on one project at a time.  (I hate to admit it but it’s how things actually get done!)  We did however work together to move a bird nest from our front porch.  (Imagine 2 grown adults freaking out over a little bird trying to attack us!)  I’m sad to say that I’ve given up having ferns on the porch!

I will admit I worked on a small project though.  I’ve mentioned before that I have alot of bookshelves throughout our house and not alot of books other then design books and they are in my office.  Besides, I wanted pretty books (yes there is such a thing) in fact once I started searching for books I quickly learned that older books are absolutely beautiful.  (They make me ashamed I love my kindle so much.)

I found a great source for cheap older books so yesterday I headed over to half price books and picked up a row of books.  This is a great source for beautiful books you can actually buy books buy the yard and it’s only about $20.00!!  Yesterday I picked up a set of books from the 1967’s (28 books) and only paid $13.00 for them!

Another thing I did this week was go to numerous doctor appointments, which may excuse the fact I only posted twice this week.  (Sorry!)  I think I’m finally comfortable enough to share the news with you all that I’m officially a few weeks into my second trimester and very happily pregnant!!  It’s been a very, very long road and most of you know the journey has been incredibly hard for our family and honestly we’re all still quite apprehensive.  (Prayers and good thoughts are welcomed!)  It sorta stinks when you’ve suffered so much loss that when something great finally happens you end up feeling that you can’t truly appreciate the blessing.  We are taking things one day at a time and focusing on how great things have been going, besides the all day sickness and feeling like a zombie, but when you’ve been through what we’ve been through those terrible pregnancy symptoms are in fact blessings to be celebrated!!

I’m finally feeling about 85% back to normal and I hope to crank out a few more projects in the next coming months so again thank you all who come by and read House to your Home!

An Update and A “Little” Rant

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I’ve been a really busy girl lately, I mean really busy.  Did I mention busy?  Guess what happens when you start a blog and you start showing off your furniture and your design work and work on promoting your business day in and day out for well over a year?  You start getting clients and you start getting really busy!

I started this blog for fun and as a way to show off what I love to do.  I love design and decorating, it’s my passion but honestly I love making my house feel like a home for my family.  (Could be where I came up with the name for my blog!)  The more I wrote, the more positive feedback I got back.  The design blog world is like a little community and for the most part it seems like everyone wants to see others do well.  I’d like to say 98% of the people who comment or send me emails are extremely positive but on the dark side there are some really nasty people out there who love to pick apart what I’ve done as a designer.

I totally get it not everyone has my taste and not everyone is going to like what I do. but I’m just not the type of gal who goes out of their way to bring someone down.  I guess what is most hurtful is that I primarily show only my home on the blog so when I get nasty emails, they are basically saying negative things about my home and I’m very emotionally attached to my home and the people I’ve made that home for.  There’s even been one lady that harassed me so much on my blog (thank goodness I screen my comments) and on my HGTV account that I ended up just pulling me account from HGTV.  No joke, I reported her and she’d turn around and make a new account and continue to leave crazy comments.  I would ignore here but another commenter would come to my rescue and it would just fuel the fire.  I finally learned not to take it personally, some people thrive on negativity but I’m just not the type of person who likes to be anywhere near that type of behavior.

Another disappointing element of the blog are when people ask for help and advice and then once I answer them I don’t even get a thank you in return.  I recently spent over 15 hours of my time helping a reader with a design for her home and when it was over, again not even a thank you.  I think the rule of thumb is if you’re asking someone for advice and they take time from their day to answer your questions you should at least say thanks!  (Am I crazy?)

I know I’ve not experienced anything different then any other designer or decorator out there but it does get frustrating and it sometimes can get in the way of the great things happening.  No matter how good you are doing there seems to always be a few who doesn’t like the direction you’re going!  I’m sure everyone can relate to that right?

So now that I have ranted I do want to rave about the clients I do have and the 98% of my readers that are awesome…seriously awesome, because of all of these people I’ve had the courage to start my design business and help people make their home into a place they love coming home to, so thanks!

I’ve still managed to blog everyday but somedays my post goes up late.  I’m working on getting back on track but right now bear with me!  All of a sudden I have budgets and mileage and taxes and yucky business stuff to learn!

Now because I’ve been so busy lately,  I’ve not had much to share with you on the homefront. It seems once you start working more hours you have to stop working on your own home!   However I will share with you a photo of the couch I bought for our bedroom recently!

Pretty eh!!  I know it’s not great, in fact it’s plain ugly, but I promise you’ll love it once you see the after!  It’s being picked up later this week for it’s makeover.  The reason I picked the piece was it was a simple design and the dimensions worked perfect.  (Another tip for you all, look at the lines of the piece and try to not notice the dorky & updated fabric.)

I have 2 other projects I’m working on in the master bedroom and the room will be complete.  (Ha!)  I can’t wait to show you the photos!

Another room that’s almost done is our laundry room and of course you know I have to have many projects going on at once so this last weekend my husband and I went patio furniture shopping and I’m dying to get started on the patio!

So hopefully, I’ll have lots of after photos to show you soon and thanks again for reading my blog and please, please, please I really do love hearing from you, so keep those emails coming!!

Have a great week everyone!  Oh, and if anyone would like to share how they cope with nasty people I’d love to hear your tips!!

Happy Anniversary!!

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Is it weird I’m celebrating my house anniversary?  I can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved into our house!  It seems like we’ve lived in the house forever but it also seems like we just moved in yesterday.

My daughter had a volleyball lesson yesterday morning so after I dropped her off I decided to drive by the old neighborhood.  (It’s a few blocks from where I dropped Sloan off.)  I haven’t driven by our old house in a very long time and I was shocked to see the amount of houses that were for sale and most of them were for sale when our house was for sale.  I can’t even tell you how thankful I am to our realtor for helping us sell our house, I can’t even imagine if we were still trying to sell our house a year later!!  Selling a house is so stressful and I couldn’t imagine our house being on the market for way over a year!

Today I wanted to share with you where we started a year ago and where we are today.  There’s still so much to do but I have to admit we accomplished more then I thought we did.  (I have to remember glass half full Laurie!)

This house has challenged me that’s for sure, I’ve always lived in an old house and I truly believe old houses speak to you and personally I feel like they are way easier to decorate and design.  Our house is fairly new (around 5 years old).  This house was not speaking to me other then telling me it was new and was going to look and stay cleaner then my old ones.

The first room we tackled was Sloan’s room.  (The princess always comes first!)

(Before-typical new house boxy bedroom)

(After-A bright an colorful bohemian soon to be teenage bedroom.  Note:  The room is already being tweaked and headed to phase 2!)

Then the foyer.

(Again, boring new house!)

(After-Oh and guess what, I tweaked this room since too, photos soon!)


The weather started getting nice which meant it was time to work on the outside spaces.

We put in a fire pit in the yard.


(After-Now let’s hope we can use it this year, last year they put a no burn order in affect!)


We also worked on the patio. (Actually we put in a patio, there was nothing there.)

(The fun part comes this summer, new patio furniture!)


(We put in a bar and we enclosed the porch so we could store outdoor furniture beneath it.)

Then before we knew it the holidays were approaching and we decided to have family over.  The only problem was we didn’t have a table!

I found this table at one of my favorite thrift stores.

My sweet husband sprayed the furniture black and I recovered the chairs and bought a bench to go with the set.

(I’d like to think this is part 1 to about 8 parts that it’s going to take to complete this room, but we had a table for our family to sit at!!)

While all these projects were happening our basement was being finished.  When we moved in the area was framed but that was it.

(The guest room after it was dry walled and the flooring was installed)



Then the guest room



We also finished our downstairs family room and my husband’s office but I haven’t posted the photos yet.  I will soon, I promise!!

The master bedroom also got some updating.

(No joke, we lived like this for months!)

(A little paint, new bedding and blinds, phase 1.)

(Curtains and the wall stencil softens the room.)

(Simple stripes and new knobs to an old dresser.)

(A bar was removed and replaced with a vanity.)


My favorite update so far was the living room’s fireplace.




Then quickly after we started on the laundry room.  A great but uninspiring place.


(After, again phase 1)


Sooooo…that’s where we’re at 1 year later!  I hope you’ll see by looking at my photos that design comes in phases and is never really done, there are always tweaks and improvements to be made.

I can’t wait to see what our house looks like in another year!

We slowly are making our house into a home and after all that’s what it’s really all about!!

Beaches, Ghosts and Dead Jellyfish

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We’re back from our spring break and I’m feeling refreshed and recharged.  We had the best time and it was the first time in years that we were able to go on a family vacation that wasn’t a combined working vacation for my husband.

The only item on our agenda was relaxation and I’m happy to report we got an A+!  After my husband wrapped up some work last week we hopped in the car and drove for almost 12 hours to Hilton Head Island.

We stayed in an apartment/condo right on the beach.  We were 60 steps from the water (yes Sloan and Drew counted).  The weather was a little chilly for Hilton Head but it was still 20 degrees warmer then Indianapolis.  Luckily it only rained one day and the rest of the time we enjoyed walking on the beach and soaking in the sun.

(The walkway from our condo to the Atlantic Ocean)

(My idea of bliss. I enjoyed long walks by myself every afternoon, well Pearl Jam kept me company.)


(Just one of 100’s of dead jellyfish along the Atlantic Ocean.  Note to self, never swim in the Atlantic Ocean.)


After we were done exploring Hilton Head Island we decided to take the 45 minute trip to Savannah, GA and I’m so glad we did.  Drew and Sloan even convinced me to go on a ghost tour.  Truth be told I’m not a big fan of tours and looking like a huge tourists but I’m so glad that we did.  The tour showed all the areas that were thought to be haunted and as interested as it was I was most interested in the absolutely beautiful architecture.  While Drew and Sloan were searching for orbs of light I was busy peeking into the windows of the houses! (You know you do it too!)


We did a little shopping.  Savannah definitely gives off a boho vibe, probably because of the Savannah Art & Design University.

Oh Mr. Jacobs you always make me smile!  How awesome is this pink elephant!

The Paris Market was by far my favorite shop in Savannah.  I took a million photos for my inspiration files.

Sloan loved the bohemian bedroom and I’m hoping to incorporate some of these ideas to her room.


We explored the riverwalk.

To get to the riverwalk you had to go up these stairs, it was a riot because they were not even close to being to code.  They must not of gotten the code book in the 1800’s!

I loved the moss on the trees!


This gate makes me swoon!  The architecture in Savannah is absolutely incredible!


The town is so rich in it’s history.


My best girl and I (ok I’m looking a little tired) enjoying some downtime before a yummy lunch!


As fun as our vacation was I’m glad to be back home and I have a new appreciation for our big house.  For years I’ve boasted I could easily live in a 500 sq ft apartment, well after living in a 550 sq foot apartment with 2 other people I’m admitting I can only do it for a week!

I’m glad to be back to House to your Home and will be answering everyone’s emails as soon as I can!!

Spring Break

March 26, 2011 at 1:57 pm | Posted in personal | Leave a comment

One of my most favorite times of the year is here Spring Break!  This winter has been brutally cold and I think it’s lasted forever!  I’ll be taking off for the next week which means no posts, no answering emails, no new clients, no painting furniture, no facebook, no tweets and no phone calls.  I’m always a bit anxious when I decide to do this (I do it one other time during the year…Christmas break) but honestly I always come back recharged and ready to go.  The most important reason I turn off is that I have a feeling my daughter is going to have better things to do then hang out with her mom when Spring Break rolls around so I’m taking full advantage of it until that day comes.

I’ll be back in a week!!!

Some spring inspiration to tie  you over.


House Beautiful


House Beautiful

House Beautiful


Jessica Helgerson


Martha Stewart


It Feels Like A Monday

March 8, 2011 at 1:35 am | Posted in laundry room, personal | 3 Comments

Our internet is down, (iphone to the rescue) we just had so many laundry cabinets dropped off I don’t know how they’re going to fit into our laundry room, the counters are coming later (you know between 8-6) and the installer is popping by to look over the cabinets so the fireplace reveal will be tomorrow! I’d promise but that only seems to jinx me!

Looking on the bright side, no internet means some furniture painting may get done and I’ll soon have an organized and most important (pretty) laundry room!

Happy Monday!

(The state of the kitchen!)

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011 at 10:57 pm | Posted in personal | 2 Comments
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I’m not much of a flower or chocolate kind of gal but I am a shoe and purse kind of gal and I think nothing says I love you like a pair of lanvin ballerina flats! Since I’ve been lucky enough to escape the corporate world and have no plans on ever returning I think these lovely flats are a great investment (right?!)!

A Little Personal

January 22, 2011 at 5:31 am | Posted in personal | Leave a comment

I usually don’t talk about my family too much on my blog but since I’m crazy busy at work today and can’t focus on a design related topic I thought I’d post some photos of my daughter, Sloan!

Sloan is on a traveling volleyball club and just started going to tournaments recently.  Last week’s games were so much fun but it was a long, long day. (12 hours!)  Their team ended up placing in second place and I was really proud of all the girls, they worked really hard!



(Sloan is #7.)

We’re headed to Ball State tomorrow for another round of games and as much fun as it is, I’m hoping it won’t last quite as long!

Today’s been a busy day for me, my newly upholstered chair was delivered, I’m working with some developers to improve my blog and business and I’m working on finalizing a plan to have my furniture sold in a local store!  So I’ve got to run!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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