Backyard Patio Reveal

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I’m excited to show off our patio we finished up yesterday.  I didn’t realize until yesterday that Drew and I have never had patio furniture (other then a small bistro set) in the entire time we’ve been together.

We moved into our home a year ago and our backyard was a hot mess.  We moved into a house that was only a few years old and if any of you have every moved into a new home you’ll know the builders do as minimal as possible to the backyard.

When we first moved in we set up our bistro set (yea the only outside furniture we owned) and Drew got to work with a bar for our patio.  (The patio that was just an idea.)

Next came the patio.

This is where we stopped last summer.  We installed a retaining wall and bought a fireplace.

This summer was phase buy some furniture so we didn’t have to use the folding chairs we use for Sloan’s sporting events!  We searched high and low and quickly realized outdoor furniture is priced really really high!!  We ended up saving lots of money and bought our furniture from World Market.  I’m sure the biggest reason we saved so much is because everything had to be put together.

We purchased the furniture and brought it home and because Drew’s been out of town it sat in the garage for about a week.  Well on Monday after work Drew decided we were going to put the furniture together and finish the patio.  (Let me tell you when Drew decides a project is going to get done it gets done and at a record pace!)

The bar is finished (except a skirt I plan on installing).  I really like how the tile backsplash turned out.  The bar is going to be great for buffet style dinners and margarita making!

The dining room table.  I love the bench.  We have 2 more chairs coming but they are on back order.  (Ugh…don’t they know I’m all about instant gratification!)

A close up of silver ivy.  It’s easy to take care of and very drought tolerant.  Hopefully, I’ll keep them alive!

I added a little fun to our old bistro set by adding some lanterns.

The sofa table will be great for throwing magazines in and of course holding a bottle of wine (or two).

The rug separate the area and makes it it’s own.  The pillows were from Pottery Barn.  (They are on sale right now.)

The terra cotta pot is from my best friend’s wedding from years ago, it was a centerpiece that was filled with lemons.  I’ve used it throughout my house since I received it.   Right now it’s holding small pears and a ceramic plant marker I made at a party I went with a bunch of my girlfriends.  (Use things that mean something to you!)

A few shots from the patio.

I’m excited to enjoy our outdoor living space but I’m pretty sure Drew has a few more plans for our backyard this summer.  Hopefully I can convince him to start the next phase NEXT year!!


Operation Backyard Patio

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Last year we poured a patio, installed cement pavers and cement bar.

This year comes the fun part of buying new patio furniture and adding some landscaping around the patio.  This last weekend while I was working on my front porch Drew installed some lighting over the backyard patio.

He used fencing material for the poles and cut the lighting to fix the length of the patio.  He thought the lighting would be fun for some parties we have planned this summer.  The nice thing about the lighting is that it easily comes down so during the day we can have the patio umbrella up to keep the sun away.

We also finally bought some patio furniture after looking around at probably 10 different stores.  Let’s just say that outdoor furniture is expensive!  Some of the furniture cost almost $10,000.00 for what we were looking for.  Well needless to say that’s not in our budget so we ended up buying our furniture from World Market.  Not only was it on sale the more you spent the bigger discount they gave so we ended up buying everything we needed and got 40% off the sale price.  The only downside??  We now have 15 boxes of furniture in our garage waiting to be put together!

I’m hoping in the next week I’ll have photos to share!!

I’ve received alot of emails asking about where I purchased items on my front patio so tomorrow I will do a post on that!

Patio Ideas

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I think I’ve come up with a starting point for our patio.

I found this patio set from World Market it is called Catalina Dining.

Then of course you’ve can never have enough pillows right?  These would go in the sitting area near the fireplace on our patio.  (I haven’t figured out what patio furniture I’m getting yet.)

(Bhotah Outdoor Pillow-Pottery Barn

(Floral Embroidered Pillow-Pottery Barn

Then I’ll need some lighting.

(Some white outdoor string lights)

(Some candle lanterns for the table)

(Mini River Rock Firebowls for the brick columns-Restoration Hardware)

Then some greenery.  My favorite.

(Lots of Boston Ferns for the the brick columns!)

So excited for warm weather and hanging outside in the evenings!!

Outdoor Inspirations

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Like I mentioned yesterday we’ve been thinking about what we’re going to do with the patio space we finished last summer.

I have to admit I’m having such a hard time with our new home.  Why you ask?  It’s because it’s a new home, I’ve always had older homes and there is a history and a character to the house and I’ve always followed that when designing my spaces.

Last weekend my husband and I went shopping at a big patio store and although the outdoor furniture was beautiful it was just too…matchy matchy to what I’m used to.  I can go to other people’s homes and they can have new and beautiful and lovely furniture and I love it but in their homes, it just doesn’t feel right in mine.

So my dilemma is how do I have a new home and make my mis-matched eclectic look fit with the house?

Here’s some outdoor spaces I think are beautiful and per usual the styles are all over the place!  Casual, formal, romantic, modern!  That’s how I roll people!

Country Home

Country Home


Home Base Design

House to Home

Martha Stewart


Southern Living

Southern Living

Now if it would only stop raining in Indianapolis, maybe we can start designing that outdoor space!!

Phase 4 of 300

November 13, 2010 at 3:32 am | Posted in outside spaces | 5 Comments

We’ve been working on our backyard since we moved into our house back in May.  We have a big back yard, well it’s big to us and trust me if you mowed it with a push mower you’d think it was big too!

Our first project was a fire pit.  This is also the last fire pit I plan on being involved in.  Does anyone know how hard it is to pull up sod or how heavy it is to move it to point A to point B?   Then go figure, a fire ban was put into place because I’m not sure if it ever rained in Indy this summer.

Next we had a cement patio put in and after that Drew somehow suckered me into helping him install a brick wall around the patio.

Remember how I mentioned we had no room in our 3 car garage?  Well that’s a problem because we needed a place for our adirondack chairs which brings us to phase 4 of 300!  We enclosed the bottom of our deck.  (Notice all the electrical outlets, Drew’s got big plans for them!)

The reason I say we have 300 phases is because we virtually have no landscaping in the front or backyard.  A few months we had a landscaping plan made for our yard.  It’s amazing but in order to do it we’re definitely going to have to break up the project in many many phases.

Well that’s it for this week, I hope you all have a fun weekend!  Please stop by on Sunday and link up your furniture and design projects to Sweet Skills Sunday!


Why I Can’t Take Drew to the Hardware Store

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We had to go to the hardware store because of this.

(Week 2 of Basement Remodel)

We were at the hardware store to pick out ceiling tiles and flooring for our basement. We took care of that but something caught his eye.

We’ve also been working on our backyard and so far this is what we had.

(A cement bar)

(Forms and pea gravel)

(Then came the cement truck, thank God we have no neighbors next to us, they pulled right in the back!)

(Bar and cement patio)

Let me interrupt my story to tell you that it was 3:00 p.m. when Drew decided he wanted to install a wall around our cement patio. So by the time we figured out how many bricks we needed, rented a truck and unloaded two truck loads of 40 pound bricks it was 8:30 and after midnight when we finished. (Hint: If you apply for a Home Depot card you get the truck rental for free and a $25.00 gift card, plus we put a few gift cards we both received for our birthdays we put toward the purchase! They even let us pay off the credit card balance at the same time since Drew and I don’t have credit cards! Always looking for a bargain people!)

Here’s what we ended up with!

I think it turned out really great but seriously Drew is killing me with his outdoor projects! We still have quite a bit of work to do back there but I think we’re off to a great start!

The Tribe Has Spoken

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Drew has been on vacation this week and to say we’ve been busy is putting it lightly. Poor guy needs a vacation from his vacation. Oh wait, he’s having a boys vacation starting tomorrow! Anyways he got this bright idea that on top of painting, unpacking and coordinating contractors that he wanted to put in a firepit, or shall a say, he wanted “us” to put in a firepit!

Here’s what we started out with.

A large backyard a firepit and 6 adirondack chairs we got for 50% off, but we like to think we got them for free. Let me explain, we bought a new washer and dryer a few weeks ago and got a good deal on them because they were running a sale for 10% off for their energy saver sale and also because we ended up buying the washer that was their floor models so we scored another $150.00 off. It gets better though, a week later when we went back for the firepit we noticed the washer and dryer was $200.00 cheaper and they were running another 10% off sale for Samsung. We ran back home and got our receipt and was immediately refunded the difference! So this is how we justified our new chair purchases!

Now back to this project. We started it Thursday evening and we thought we’d just dig up the hole by hand! Ha! Who were we kidding? Needless to say Drew rented a sod cutter the next morning. Absolutely the best $20.00 we ever spent. So after a couple of hours of rolling up the grass we ended up with this. (I skipped the part where I was moaning about the hard labor!)

Looking pretty good though!

Next we laid the paper so weeds hopefully will stay away.

Hmmm…maybe we should just install a pool?! It is pretty hot outside!

After the paper came the rocks.

Then came the pea gravel.

I wish it was as easy as this posting! But next came the fun part, the furniture!

Here’s a close up, some pillow, a throw and some candles.

Bring on the s’mores!

Really This Is The Last One

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I couldn’t pass him up even if I’m not sure where to put him! He’s in the garage right now but I’m thinking maybe on the patio?! He was marked down to $30.00 at Pier One. Check back tomorrow to see my even better deal!

Black Door

July 21, 2010 at 1:08 am | Posted in outside spaces | 3 Comments
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This photo makes me want to paint my door black! I love it! One more thing for the list!!

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