Another Furniture Makeover

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If you’re itching for a furniture makeover stop over DiggersList and see what I’ve been up to!

If you’re visiting from DiggersList, thanks for stopping by and please make sure to stop by next week when I launch my new site!  For now feel free to browse!!

Furniture Makeovers

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Thank you so much for stopping by!  Please feel free to check out some furniture makeovers!  I hope you stop by again, my new blog site is almost done and I can’t wait to show it off and show you what I’ve been working on!!  So check back soon!!

(A Little Sneak Peek)

I Hope I’m Not Too Late

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Last night while my daughter was at volleyball practice I had some time to kill so I ran to the Goodwill.  I got a little excited when I saw these 2 wicker fan chairs but at $29.00 a piece I thought maybe they were asking a little too much.  I went home and did a little searching online and although $29.00 is alot for Goodwill the chairs are about $250.00 online.

Now I will admit I know most people probably think of the chair below when they think of the wicker fan back chair.

As sexy as that chair is above when I think of these chairs I think of the photos below!

(jamie meares)

(coco & kelly)


I’m headed back to the store today to buy one of the chairs, wish me luck!  I hope I’m not too late!!


Have a great weekend everyone!!

Making It’s Debut!

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Do you remember these tables?

Well they are sitting at a great little store called Homespun, waiting for a new owner! This is such a great store right in Irvington (Indianapolis) a boutique, gallery and teaching space devoted to the contemporary craft. They have a little of everything, jewelry, clothing, housewares, bath & body productes, notecards, artisanal food and classes. So many talented artists and craftsmen in one small store.

Honestly just checking out the design of the store is worth going to, it’s hip cool and beautiful!

I’m off to buy some accessories for my newly finished fireplace! Reveal comes Monday! I hope you all have a fun weekend!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

If you need some design help or a moodboard designed please click here to get started!

Progress in the Living Room

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This is a corner of my living room and it’s flanked with bookcases.  I’ll be honest with you the only books I really own are design books and they are kept upstairs in my office on my campaigner shelves.  I’m also probably one of the reasons why bookstores are closing because I’m a big kindle reader.  It is always next to me whether it be near my bed or in my purse when I’m out and about, I read more now then I ever did because of the ease of being able to download a book in a mere moment!   I’m all about the instant gratification!

The chair in the photo below is one of a set that my husband bought for me almost 6 months ago.  You know your husband is the one when he knows your love for cane furniture!  The chair obviously needed a makeover though!

The first thing I did was take out the shelves and tape up the back of the bookshelf in order to paint it.  I chose to paint the back of the bookshelf the same color as my dining room ceiling which is 2 shades darker then the living room.

Then came the books, the books I did not have.  As much as I am a kindle lover I love books, I think they are beautiful, they make a statement and they make a house feel like a home.  This has turned into a fun project for my husband and I, because slowly (very slowly) we’ve been collecting books for our shelves.

A quick chair makeover, simply spraying the chair black, some fabric on clearance from JoAnn’s and some new nail head trim I scored on ebay and it looks so much better!

In the last photo I added a green pillow (I’ve since changed it to a purple pillow.)  There’s still lots of work to be done but I’m getting there!


It’s going to be a busy week, the stone for my fireplace has come in and I’m off to pick it up today, so I’m hoping within the next 2 weeks my fireplace wall will be done!!  Another item off the list!

The Painted Furniture in the Guest Room

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I wanted to share with you some before and after photos I took of the furniture I used in the guest room.  I also wanted to share with you that the 3 pieces cost me a whopping $13.00 for all 3 pieces (before paint & fabric) so even if some people are saying painted furniture is so yesterday, I’m fine living with painted furniture!

One of the beds I bought was actually from Ethan Allen and was my most expensive piece at $8.00.




The side table.




The chair





Boo to the design snobs, I say bring on the paint!

Have you painted a piece of furniture you’d like to show off?  If so please email me a photo!!

Have Some Fun with Paint

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Here is the latest piece of  furniture that I bought to be refinished.  I was drawn to it because it was 100% wood (super heavy) and I loved the lines, and even though the hardware was quite dirty I knew they could be shined up.

The before isn’t so bad but a little boring so with some left over paint that I used in my office I painted it and shined it up.  I think the after is lots of fun!

I think alot of people are afraid of color but really it’s just paint, so let’s go for it right!?


Don’t forget to check out how my campaigner shelves turned out over at DiggersList today!

How to Arrange A Bookcase

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Are you curious how my campaigner dresser turned out once I put all my books and goodies in it?

Please go check out diggerslist’s blog where I wrote an article on how to arrange a bookcase!

Save it Don’t Toss it!

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The day we closed on our home last spring my husband and I stopped at our local Salvation Army to waste some time before our appointment to sign the papers.

We spotted a chair that looked super comfy but another person was circling around it. There was no price tag on it and the other person very rudely asked an employee what the price was. The employee promptly told her $75.00 and the customer quickly said no because of the high price and walked away. Immediately the employee said to us, I’ll give it to you for $30.00, I just didn’t like how rude that lady was, do you want it? Ummm duh! Sold! Score us for rude people!

Here’s a picture of our comfy but ugly chair.

(Chair Before)

It’s sat in our living room looking ugly for months. I knew I wanted to use it in the living room but had no idea what I wanted to do with it because I didn’t know how I wanted to decorate the room.

Honestly, I’m still not really sure what I want to do in our living room but got tired of looking at the ugly chair so I played it safe and had it re-covered in off-white cotton duck. Neutral works, the chair can be moved to all of our rooms, a new pillow or new throw and the chair looks totally different!

(Chair After)

A little bit of information for you, recovered and reupholstery are 2 different things. Recovered is when the inside and frame of the chair is in good condition and the fabric is replaces. Reupholstery is when new webbing, springs or fillings need to be replaced.

I am beyond happy with how the chair turned out. I think re-doing furniture is such an incredible skill and craft to have and if you get someone good to finish your furniture I guarantee your piece will look so much better then a piece just bought from a store.

Another benefit of saving your piece of furniture it’s usually cheaper then buying a new chair.

This arlington armchair from Pottery Barn is over $1,100.00.

(Pottery Barn chair)

My chair looks pretty similar and I paid less then $500.00 for the chair, fabric and to have it recovered.

So next time you’re sick of a piece of furniture save it don’t toss it!

My Best Find Yet

December 22, 2010 at 6:01 am | Posted in furniture | 6 Comments

I’m home for the holidays but I wanted to show off a piece of furniture I just finished.

I promise to do a second posting explaining the process and showing it “dressed” with my books and accessories.

This is a campaigner dresser and shelf, I was able to get the set from my favorite thrift store.

The before was dingy and I think it was white at one time but looked more yellow when I bought it.

The after is a beautiful blue. (details of specific color next post).

I promise better pictures next time too!

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