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May 7, 2011 at 6:49 am | Posted in laurie | 2 Comments

I have a trip to Ikea planned in the near future and everytime I go I say I’m going to make a list of what I need to pick up and everytime I forget to make the list or I make the list and forget to bring it with me!

This time I thought if I blogged about it then I can’t mess up right!  I can just pull up my post on my phone!

I’ve spent a few days looking over the catalog and measuring spots so I know if things will fit where I need so all I need to do it hop in my car and go!

Here’s the items on my list.

I’m hoping this loveseat will end up in our master bedroom.  I’ve talked about it before, I need something for our room for the end of our bed. Our room is huge.   I recently bought a loveseat from a thrift store but get this, even though I paid for it and put it on hold they sold it to someone else!  Luckily they returned my money.  I decided to go for a cheaper version of what I had in mind.  I don’t suspect will use the couch a ton, other then Drew sitting on it when he’s getting ready in the morning and my daughter laying on it when we have tv nights in our bedroom.  We seem to all gravitate to the master bedroom!

This rug is also going in our bedroom.  We have carpet in our bedroom already but I thought it might make the area where I put the couch and coffee table more defined and a bit more cozy.  I’ll let you know how the carpet on top of carpet works out.

Frames, frames, frames!  I always pick up a few when I’m there (along with voltive candles) they are super cheap and I still have lots of wall space to fill!

Some picture ledges for the basement.  I have been collecting unframed oil paintings and I think they might look better grouped together on the ledges.

This bench is for our laundry room (still not done).  We desperately need a place to sit and a place to put the million of shoes that end up in there!  I love this piece!

I want to buy 2 of these mirrors.  I have plans to mount these over the large mirror that is in our master bathroom.  Our master bath is pretty blah and very new house cookie cutter but I have no immediate plans to gut it and for now I’m just going to spruce it up so at least its less blah.

A runner for the master bathroom.  Love this design!  Neutral but a fun pattern!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


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  1. You know I love Ikea – I found the same mirror with green/blue someone put down by the dumpster. I thought someone had made it but it looks exactly like this one from Ikea! I snagged it and am going to put it over a table in the garden. I’ll send you a pic of it.

    • That sounds like a great idea!!! You are the queen of garbage picking!!!

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