Operation Backyard Patio

May 4, 2011 at 4:16 am | Posted in outside spaces | 1 Comment

Last year we poured a patio, installed cement pavers and cement bar.

This year comes the fun part of buying new patio furniture and adding some landscaping around the patio.  This last weekend while I was working on my front porch Drew installed some lighting over the backyard patio.

He used fencing material for the poles and cut the lighting to fix the length of the patio.  He thought the lighting would be fun for some parties we have planned this summer.  The nice thing about the lighting is that it easily comes down so during the day we can have the patio umbrella up to keep the sun away.

We also finally bought some patio furniture after looking around at probably 10 different stores.  Let’s just say that outdoor furniture is expensive!  Some of the furniture cost almost $10,000.00 for what we were looking for.  Well needless to say that’s not in our budget so we ended up buying our furniture from World Market.  Not only was it on sale the more you spent the bigger discount they gave so we ended up buying everything we needed and got 40% off the sale price.  The only downside??  We now have 15 boxes of furniture in our garage waiting to be put together!

I’m hoping in the next week I’ll have photos to share!!

I’ve received alot of emails asking about where I purchased items on my front patio so tomorrow I will do a post on that!


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  1. Looks like a great party space…I hope I get an invite! 🙂

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