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Last week I wrote about the sad state of my front porch and told you I would post the updates on Friday.  Well, I know you’d be surprised to find out that I decided to do a “bit” more then put a new wreath on the door.

A little reminder of what the door looked like last week.

Yea, you don’t have to tell me it’s looked pretty sad!  This past winter was brutally cold, icy and snowy and our spring has been just as sucky, I think it has rained almost everyday!  So going outside to do anything to the porch was just not a big priority.

I will also say I’ve never been a huge fan of wreaths on my door other then maybe Christmas but our door is ugly and it’s also very, very plain and until we replace the door adding a wreath almost helps hide the door, if that makes any sense.

Before I show you the reveal I thought it would be fun to see some photos of the front porch from when we first moved in.

This was one of the first spaces in our house that was unpacked and a place I would sit to get away from the mess!  As you can see it wasn’t much but as I’ve talked about many times decorating a space goes in stages and this is what I like to call the making do with what you already own stage!

Here’s a photo of the porch this last Halloween.

So that brings us back to today.  Here is a photo of the front door for the spring and summer.

If you notice I added a Welcome stencil to the door.  Probably not my usual style to do this but I thought perhaps I could step outside the box and try something new, especially since the door will eventually will be replaced.  I also bought a new wreath and greenery.

The front porch now…

I decided to stick with a green and black scheme.  I also had Drew install a chandelier.  (Thank you D!)

Some new flowers, succulents and candles.

I sprayed the chair black to keep with the color scheme.

Now hopefully it will stop raining so I can enjoy the porch!!



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  1. Very pretty, great job. I love the hanging fern. I so want to get some of those for my front porch but I’m not sure they would stay in tact. I get a wind through that porch like a wind tunnel and I’m afraid they’d get blown to bits and no way could I have them on any hanger that moved. Maybe I’ll try one and see what happens.

  2. They are on sale at Lowe’s for $7.99 so at that price I say go for it and give it a try!!

  3. It looks so beautiful and I have the same IKEA lanterns on my deck – love them. I also love the stencil Welcome. It may not be your style but it looks great

    • Those lanterns are great aren’t they, steal of the century and look like the expensive ones!! Miss ya girl!!

      • For sure – I’m headed over this week to IKEA to pick up a few more for my house in Indy. who knows, I may be back in town by June/July 🙂

  4. Looks really, really beautiful!

  5. Looks great…and I love the owl!

    @Patsy – I buy ferns every year for my front porch, and they always hold up through the wind!

  6. Thanks, I will give one a try and see what happens. May I ask, do yours come down for watering or do you have a special attachment for your hose? I was going to have my hubby put the hook on a pully system so I could raise and lower the pot for watering. It’s so hot here and if there is no rain I’ll have to water every other day.

  7. Your porch looks fantastic!! I’m so into loving the color green right now. If I had a porch I would want it to look like this.

    • Thanks Dawn’s mom! (; (Hope all is well with you!!)

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  9. wow!! so so pretty.. stunning… impressive!! I love the greens.. bet you’ll have some gorgeous moments here!! Thanks for linking in!! 🙂

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  11. Hi,

    I enjoy your work. If I send you a picture of an area, could you possibly make suggestions?

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