Silver or Gold?

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I recently went to a jewelry party and the consultant asked the women there if they preferred silver or gold and everyone had a very strong opinion but very few seemed to share my opinion of the question.  I like both and although years ago I would’ve never thought of mixing the two of them together I totally do now.  I also love the look of mixed metals in home design.

I love silver, gold, gunmetal, brass, bronze & glass!

This is a perfect example of how to bring bright brass up to date!

Urban Grace

Not only are the cabinets a different color but so is the hardware and amazingly it works!

Decor Pad

If silver and gold look great in this kitchen why not mix silver and gold jewelry!!

Decor Pad

A silver faucet and oil bronzed hardware.

Decor Pad

So don’t be afraid to mix and match, it makes your home more inviting and comfortable!!



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  1. I agree about jewelry and of course we see gold and silver mixed on the same piece. This prompts me to ask a question about an upcoming project. I re-doing kitchen and bath cabinets in a dark, espresso color and changing out all the antique brass door handles, etc that came with the house. So I can’t decide where to go with ORB faucets,etc in baths and kitchen which is my first choice BUT I don’t trust how the finish will look on the faucets aftet thorough cleaning in a couple of years. Faucets need good cleaning to reduce bacteria and from what I have read about cleaning it really addresses making it look good as opposed to cleaning for bacteria. Big difference. And the products for the stainless appliances is a joke…it’s all for appearance. So do I use the ORB or go with the brushed nickel finish which I can clean with standard cleaning produts and not remove the finish? I appreciate any opinions and actual experienc.

  2. I went with the ORB in my guest bath and brushed nickle in the master. Both are a PITB to keep spot free. I wish I had gone with the old time standby, chrome. Having said that, if you don’t want to go with chrome then my second choice would be the brushed nickle. It will show up so much better with that cabinet color. I must warn you keeping the brushed nickle looking pretty is difficult. Unlike chrome where you can wipe, dry and have a shine, with the brushed nickle it requires, wipe, dry, then polish. Oh, I hate it. I have found toothpaste works good at shining. I’m a fanatic about the spots and hate that I can’t simply wipe them off. If I had it to do all over again, all my fixtures would be chrome. Whomever invented it for faucets knew what they were doing. LOL Oh and I have brushed nickle in the kitchen also. Ugh!!

  3. I’m sorry I forgot to touch on the handles on the cabinets. Are you changing those also? I have clear plastic (look like glass) with a brushed nickle backing on the upper cabinets and a solid brushed nickle on the bottom cabinets. Brushed nickle as handles and knobs is not the headache as having it for faucets.

  4. Thanks! Yes new handles/knobs/pulls and still in the deciding mode for those choices. Will give this alot of thought, although I know I can’t do the shiny chrome, it won’t feel new or different. I’m not enjoying all these decisions like I thouht I would, at this point I just want it done. Still haven’t picked out the granite or the bathroom sinks. Considered the ‘vessel’ type but a friend said that type of sink splashs alot. The level of fun with this project is diminishing daily.

  5. By the time you make up your mind maybe some genius will come out with “spotfree” fixtures. LOL

    I’m not a fan of the vessel sinks because I’ve always thought they were invented for looks only and never could imagine using one. Too awkward for me.

    Are you familiar with iVillage Garden Web forums? Here is the link for them.

    They have a forum for everything under the sun including baths, kitchens, etc. You might want to check it out to get some ideas. It’s sometimes hard to visualize something in your space and then when you have someone else’s to look at it makes sense some how.

    Good luck, I’ll be thinking about you.

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