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April 16, 2011 at 7:32 am | Posted in master bedroom | 4 Comments
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The Makeup Vanity

(Sorry for the late posting, my batteries in my camera went dead.  I swear my new camera sucks up the battery power!!)

(Flowers from my yard.  I absolutely love not spending money and using whatever may be in our yard.)

(I love using small dishes so I can keep some of my jewelry out so I can look at it.  I think jewelry should be enjoyed even when I’m not wearing it.)

Hopefully it’ll stop raining so we can get working on our backyard this weekend!!  Anyone else doing anything fun??

Have a great weekend everyone!!



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  2. Hi Laurie, regarding your camera batteries; mine did that too and I was wasting a lot of money. Someone told me to use lithium batteries for my digital camera – they do last longer. Just in case that helps.

    I also love bringing the outdoors in with fresh flowers from the garden!

    • Thanks for the tip! I almost bought them but cheaped out! Next time I’ll try them!!

  3. keep your head high b/c you have a wonderful blog with lots of followers (like ME) who read your updates EVERY DAY before work 🙂 just remember, stay classy and karma is a b*tch !!!! hahaha

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