Happy Anniversary!!

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Is it weird I’m celebrating my house anniversary?  I can’t believe it’s been a year since we moved into our house!  It seems like we’ve lived in the house forever but it also seems like we just moved in yesterday.

My daughter had a volleyball lesson yesterday morning so after I dropped her off I decided to drive by the old neighborhood.  (It’s a few blocks from where I dropped Sloan off.)  I haven’t driven by our old house in a very long time and I was shocked to see the amount of houses that were for sale and most of them were for sale when our house was for sale.  I can’t even tell you how thankful I am to our realtor for helping us sell our house, I can’t even imagine if we were still trying to sell our house a year later!!  Selling a house is so stressful and I couldn’t imagine our house being on the market for way over a year!

Today I wanted to share with you where we started a year ago and where we are today.  There’s still so much to do but I have to admit we accomplished more then I thought we did.  (I have to remember glass half full Laurie!)

This house has challenged me that’s for sure, I’ve always lived in an old house and I truly believe old houses speak to you and personally I feel like they are way easier to decorate and design.  Our house is fairly new (around 5 years old).  This house was not speaking to me other then telling me it was new and was going to look and stay cleaner then my old ones.

The first room we tackled was Sloan’s room.  (The princess always comes first!)

(Before-typical new house boxy bedroom)

(After-A bright an colorful bohemian soon to be teenage bedroom.  Note:  The room is already being tweaked and headed to phase 2!)

Then the foyer.

(Again, boring new house!)

(After-Oh and guess what, I tweaked this room since too, photos soon!)


The weather started getting nice which meant it was time to work on the outside spaces.

We put in a fire pit in the yard.


(After-Now let’s hope we can use it this year, last year they put a no burn order in affect!)


We also worked on the patio. (Actually we put in a patio, there was nothing there.)

(The fun part comes this summer, new patio furniture!)


(We put in a bar and we enclosed the porch so we could store outdoor furniture beneath it.)

Then before we knew it the holidays were approaching and we decided to have family over.  The only problem was we didn’t have a table!

I found this table at one of my favorite thrift stores.

My sweet husband sprayed the furniture black and I recovered the chairs and bought a bench to go with the set.

(I’d like to think this is part 1 to about 8 parts that it’s going to take to complete this room, but we had a table for our family to sit at!!)

While all these projects were happening our basement was being finished.  When we moved in the area was framed but that was it.

(The guest room after it was dry walled and the flooring was installed)



Then the guest room



We also finished our downstairs family room and my husband’s office but I haven’t posted the photos yet.  I will soon, I promise!!

The master bedroom also got some updating.

(No joke, we lived like this for months!)

(A little paint, new bedding and blinds, phase 1.)

(Curtains and the wall stencil softens the room.)

(Simple stripes and new knobs to an old dresser.)

(A bar was removed and replaced with a vanity.)


My favorite update so far was the living room’s fireplace.




Then quickly after we started on the laundry room.  A great but uninspiring place.


(After, again phase 1)


Sooooo…that’s where we’re at 1 year later!  I hope you’ll see by looking at my photos that design comes in phases and is never really done, there are always tweaks and improvements to be made.

I can’t wait to see what our house looks like in another year!

We slowly are making our house into a home and after all that’s what it’s really all about!!



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  1. Wow, what a difference you’ve made in a year. Wonderful transformation.

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