Update on the Laundry Room

April 8, 2011 at 4:05 am | Posted in laundry room | Leave a comment

Now that we’re back from vacation and I’ve had a few days to rest (ok, really do 20 loads of laundry, have the garbage disposal and dishwasher fixed) it’s probably time to get started on some projects around the house.

Today I’m working on a few projects in the laundry room.  One of the projects Sloan is going to help me with.

Let me remind you where we started and were we are currently.

When we first moved in we had a bit of a paint thing going on, meaning 2 different colors and really no rhyme or reason to the choice of paint colors.

We also had a sink that was leaking all over the place.

A quick paint change and some new appliances!  I love how they match my floor. (Even if I’m not completely sold on the flooring.)

We quickly learned that we were going to need some serious storage for this room!

We changed out the fluorescent lighting to these great lighting from Schoolhouse Electric.

Storage to the rescue!  Now they just need to be installed!  (Seriously not sure how all this is going to fit into that laundry room!)

Here’s what the room is looking like now with my new cabinets!

There is still alot to do like organizing and decorating and installing the cabinet pulls and backsplash, but it’s a big improvement to where we started and the clutter is at least hidden!!


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