Chalkboard Wall in Progress

April 8, 2011 at 10:49 pm | Posted in laundry room | 2 Comments
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Yesterday I started a few projects in our laundry room.  The first one was quick and easy, Sloan and I made some magnets.  The second project is easy to but is going to take a bit longer.

I’m painting a magnetic chalkboard.  I hope I have a chance to finish it up this weekend so I can cross another to- do off the list.

I think my husband and daughter are shocked at this project because I don’t think I’ve ever owned a magnet in my life.  One design rule of mine is nothing on the refrigerator and nothing on top of the refrigerator.  (Yea, it’s my quirk, sorta like never owning a minivan!)

Now we’ll have a whole wall (a big one too) for writing notes to each other and magnets to attach items we don’t want to forget.  I’m hoping this will work out great especially since its the wall you see as you’re walking into the garage.  (No more forgetting Sloan’s band practice sheets!)

For now here’s some examples of chalkboard walls.  (I know the trend isn’t new, but I still like it!)



(Martha Stewart)


(Source Unknown)


(Condo Domain)


(Imaginary Design)



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  1. We have one in the bsmt for the grandkids. Joe’s advice is to not sand it between coats as it will knock off the metal. It will be rough but you don’t want to waste that expensive paint by having to repaint. If you have any tips, let me know!!!

  2. Those are awesome! A magnetic chalkboard wall? What kind of paint is that? I’m very interested in that.

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