Spring Cleaning

March 25, 2011 at 3:53 am | Posted in tween bedroom | Leave a comment
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As I dropped Sloan off of school this morning she quickly figured out that she’d forgotten it was dollar dress day at school.  (Of course I’d forgotten about it too.  They sent out an email yesterday but it totally slipped my mind.)  The dollar the kids gave to not wear their uniform was being donated to Japan.  When you go to a Catholic school and you have a chance not to wear a uniform you beg your mom to pleeeeaaaaassssseee bring an outfit back to school and me being The Mom of the Year (according to me) I ran her back an outfit.  (We’ll see this afternoon if my choice made the grade.)

As I cautiously entered her room to find an outfit I immediately realized her room is in desperate need of some spring cleaning!  It also needs some tweaking.  Sloan will be 13 in June and she is a typical soon to be teenage girl, her mind changes alot and her interest range from guitar to volleyball to girly girl to bohemian.  Her room has been a challenge, I want it to look good but it’s also important it reflects her too.

Here is a reminder of what her room looks like.

The room is just a bit too matchy match (I like to think of it as phase 1, decorating a room takes place over time) and after collecting snow globes since she was little she’s decided she’s done collecting them which empties up a very large wall.

I found some cute things at Urban Outfitters today and will probably incorporate 2-4 things. (Meeting approval of Miss Sloan of course!!)

Perhaps a ganesha tapestry?  (My sweet bohemian chick!)

A collection of the letter S to go along with her chalkboard S?

An owl pillow?   She’s taken over my love of owls!

I think a coverlet is a must, I like to break up the pattern a bit in her bedspread, I think it will make the room a bit cozier and take away the bed in the bag look.

Another great idea would be a display of her old tshirts.  Do you have any idea how many t-shirts a 12 year old girl who has been in every summer sports camp in Indianapolis?

Whatever I decide I’ll be sure to do a follow up but for now I’m going back into the room to clean!  Wish me luck!!


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