Side Table Vignette

March 24, 2011 at 2:46 am | Posted in master bedroom, vignette | 4 Comments
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Here’s a close up of my new side table.  The vignette perhaps isn’t particularly the prettiest but I’m all about keeping it real.

I love the fact my new side table has lots of storage space but the inside of the table is a whole other post trust me!  The items on my sidetable is pretty standard for me.  There is a silver jewelry box where I keep my earrings from the day.  I cannot sleep in my earrings and if I do wake up and they are on I’m completely angry!  (Yea I’m on nut!)

There is my lamp that I love it’s totally girly and since it’s my side of the bed I’m all about the girly, I also wired it so there is a dimmer on it.  (Perfect because I’m a night owl and the husband not so much.)  There is also some greenery.  Usually I’m not good with plants but its been a goal this year to give it another whirl.  (The verdict is still out.)  Then there is one of my favorite Jonathan Adler pieces of pottery.  I started collecting his pieces a few years ago and this one is one of my favorites because I love the texture of it.

I have to read at night to help me fall asleep and the book currently on my table is Laurie Smith’s Discovering Home.  Do you remember her?  She was one of my favorite designers on Trading Spaces.  I picked up her book about a month ago at Half Price Books.  Being a design book junkie it’s a great place to go for discounted older design books.

Two things you’ll always find on my table is, my glasses (I’m blind without them) and a notebook (usually a graph paper one).  My mind tends to race at night and when I come up with a good idea I like to be able to jot it down.  (The trouble is sometimes in the morning those great ideas from the night don’t make much sense!)

What I’m most excited about is my new Essie Island Hopping nail polish.  I’m getting my first pedicure of the year in a few days to get ready for Spring Break!  Love a good pedicure and love, love, love Spring Break!

I’d love to know what do you keep on top of your nightstand.  Is it pretty or functional of like mine a little of both?





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  2. Love your bedside table, especially the lamp. I also just bought a new pale pink Essie colour!
    My bedside table always has a glass of water, my glasses, my cell phone, and Tums (which I artfully hide in a decorative bowl!)

    • Thanks for sharing Carol!!! Love the idea of holding the essentials in something pretty!!

  3. My night stand is never large enough. Like my mind, it’s cluttered– with reading glasses, box of kleenex, 3 books, my rosary and one ugly alarm clock (I have to get up at 4:30am). Not pretty, but I have tried!

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