Make Your Own Modern Art

March 23, 2011 at 12:50 am | Posted in bathroom | 1 Comment
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I love modern art and one of the reasons I love it so much is that I can paint and draw modern art, in fact everyone can, everything is up for interpretation so regardless how it turns out its right! Right?

Our main level bathroom is a bit blah but this room is not even on the horizon of my long to do list so in the meantime I thought I needed to put something on the walls.  The dilemma is what should I put on the walls that isn’t going to cost alot of money because once I get to the revamping of the bathroom the artwork will probably change. (That’s how I roll!)

I love nudes (artwork that is) in the bathroom but I wasn’t sure how my 12 year old and husband would think of it.  I figured  its modern and abstract so they could deal with it.

Remember this frame I bought from the Goodwill?


Here’s my frame minus the old artwork with my attempt at some new replaced abstract art.


Oh and get this Sloan and Drew not only can deal with it they like it!  (Oh and it cost me a whopping $4.00.)



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  1. I like it!

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