I Hope I’m Not Too Late

March 12, 2011 at 12:10 am | Posted in furniture | 8 Comments
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Last night while my daughter was at volleyball practice I had some time to kill so I ran to the Goodwill.  I got a little excited when I saw these 2 wicker fan chairs but at $29.00 a piece I thought maybe they were asking a little too much.  I went home and did a little searching online and although $29.00 is alot for Goodwill the chairs are about $250.00 online.

Now I will admit I know most people probably think of the chair below when they think of the wicker fan back chair.

As sexy as that chair is above when I think of these chairs I think of the photos below!

(jamie meares)

(coco & kelly)


I’m headed back to the store today to buy one of the chairs, wish me luck!  I hope I’m not too late!!


Have a great weekend everyone!!



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  1. I hope they are still there! I don’t know how many times I have done the same thing…even stuff I was sure no one else would want was gone a couple of days later!

    • I know, I’ve done the same thing many times! You’d think we’d learn by now!!!

  2. Good luck, hope they’re still there! Those chairs would look so great painted white!

    • Thanks Megan! I need good luck vibes sent my way for sure!! (; White would be fab!!!

  3. I hope you managed to buy one…..they are fabulous, love them….xv

    • There was one left and I snagged it! Now to decide where to put it! It’s so lovely!!!

  4. I LOVE the purple lace one – I’m sure you’re going to decorate it just like that, aren’t you 😉

    I love goodwill!

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