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This is a corner of my living room and it’s flanked with bookcases.  I’ll be honest with you the only books I really own are design books and they are kept upstairs in my office on my campaigner shelves.  I’m also probably one of the reasons why bookstores are closing because I’m a big kindle reader.  It is always next to me whether it be near my bed or in my purse when I’m out and about, I read more now then I ever did because of the ease of being able to download a book in a mere moment!   I’m all about the instant gratification!

The chair in the photo below is one of a set that my husband bought for me almost 6 months ago.  You know your husband is the one when he knows your love for cane furniture!  The chair obviously needed a makeover though!

The first thing I did was take out the shelves and tape up the back of the bookshelf in order to paint it.  I chose to paint the back of the bookshelf the same color as my dining room ceiling which is 2 shades darker then the living room.

Then came the books, the books I did not have.  As much as I am a kindle lover I love books, I think they are beautiful, they make a statement and they make a house feel like a home.  This has turned into a fun project for my husband and I, because slowly (very slowly) we’ve been collecting books for our shelves.

A quick chair makeover, simply spraying the chair black, some fabric on clearance from JoAnn’s and some new nail head trim I scored on ebay and it looks so much better!

In the last photo I added a green pillow (I’ve since changed it to a purple pillow.)  There’s still lots of work to be done but I’m getting there!


It’s going to be a busy week, the stone for my fireplace has come in and I’m off to pick it up today, so I’m hoping within the next 2 weeks my fireplace wall will be done!!  Another item off the list!



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  1. Whast a lovely job you did on that bookshelf and chair. I’m hoping to come across a chair like that in one of my outings. Great job, once again.

    BTW, did you ever receive the photo’s of my bathroom vanity?

  2. Love the paint and chair update! Beautiful! Did you recover the chair yourself? Any tips?

  3. I love the chair. It looks very inviting and the pillow really makes it pop! Thanks for linking up to Creation Mondays @ ~The Life of Me~!

  4. I really like the new color black and the fabric is just perfect.
    Nice…. Book shelves are always nice but as you kindle, I have the ipad/iphone and have my books on them.. So Flea Markets and yard sales is where I get books to fill the shelves…
    take care

  5. Just found your blog and read back over all of the older posts….what fun!

    Thanks for this.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the chair make over. the black colour and the print looks fab. and the silky sheen of the green pillow is awesome. It looks really classy.

  7. I sent the photo’s to your personal e mail address hoping I had better success with it. Let me know if you receive them.



  8. I love this fabric!! The chair turned out super great!!

    PS- I’m doing my first every giveaway on my blog and I’d love for you to stop by and enter! Check it out:

  9. great job on the chair makeover.. beautiful

  10. corner looks so cosy

  11. i love how this area and the chair turned out. great job. thanks for sharing this at my party!

  12. I love the black and white!

    Thank you so much for posting this upcycle over at The T-Shirt Diaries (

  13. This is awesome, the makeover has truly transformed the chair.

  14. *sigh* that make over is simply awesome.. Youve given not only the chair but the whole room a new look.. but just doing a chair makeover.. Very impressive!!

    • Thanks for such a nice comment Patricia!! Thanks for hosting your party too!!

  15. Awesome, I love the chair it looks so elegant, and the whole effect with the shelve makeover really dresses it up! My only concern is that you have given me the urge to rip the paneling off my walls and put up shelves! Thanks for sharing

    • Your comment totally made me laugh!! Thanks for the sweet words!

  16. Oh my goodness, so beautiful! I love cane furniture too, and did a makeover on a similar chair a while back too. Your book collection looks great too! I love the vignette you’ve created, totally magazine-worthy!

  17. I remember growing up with some pieces of cane furniture… You have done a wonderful job! So lovely!! 🙂

  18. The black n white n subtle green is an awesome combination! The chair looks beautiful, Laurie!!

  19. You have created such a beautiful corner in your house! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  20. Wow! A empty bookcase! What a treasure. I have the opposite problem…I have so many rag-tag well loved mangy books and not enough space for them. My bookshelves are overflowing and not at all pretty right now. 🙂 Yours look very nice.

  21. that fabric is DIVINE. swoon. love.

    Thanks for sharing this at Creative Juice Thursday…

  22. Hot diggity! The transformation is awesome. Looks like something out of Ballard design.

    • Your comment is far to kind!! lol!! Thanks for visiting!!

  23. That transformation is great! I agree with Sena, looks like something from Ballard design. Great work. Happy VTT!

    • Like I told Sena, you’re wayyyy too kind but thanks for the super nice comment!!

  24. Fantastic! I really like that you painted the back of the bookcase a darker shade! Looks great!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  25. Your chair looks fabulous! I absolutely love it and it’s given me an idea for a cane chair I have. 🙂

  26. Fabulous job! It all looks great! Thanks so much for linking up to my Catch a Glimpse party.

  27. What a wonderful transformation on the chair! It looks great!

  28. You have been featured at CraftOManiac. YA-HOO! Thanks a bunch. winks-jen

  29. Thanks for linking up to New Nostalgia’s Anti-Procrastination Tuesday!
    Loved this chair makeover, so much! I will be featuring you tomorrow:)

  30. I serious love what you are doing with your house! Thanks for sharing them with us over at Tuesday Tell All.

    • Thanks so much Melissa! I really appreciate your comments!! (:

  31. It looks beautiful! Fantastic job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie last week! I can’t wait to see what you have for this week!

  32. […] will admit I worked on a small project though.  I’ve mentioned before that I have alot of bookshelves throughout our house and not alot of books other then design books and they are in my office. […]

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