The Painted Furniture in the Guest Room

February 25, 2011 at 1:34 am | Posted in furniture | 5 Comments
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I wanted to share with you some before and after photos I took of the furniture I used in the guest room.  I also wanted to share with you that the 3 pieces cost me a whopping $13.00 for all 3 pieces (before paint & fabric) so even if some people are saying painted furniture is so yesterday, I’m fine living with painted furniture!

One of the beds I bought was actually from Ethan Allen and was my most expensive piece at $8.00.




The side table.




The chair





Boo to the design snobs, I say bring on the paint!

Have you painted a piece of furniture you’d like to show off?  If so please email me a photo!!



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  1. I adore painted furniture and have a few pieces I’ve finished and a few more to go. I’ll e-mail you the photo’s.

    • I’d love to see what you have!!!

      • Hi I did e-mail them so let me know if you received them.



      • Patsy I did not get your emails, can you resend them to Thanks!!

  2. Painted furniture is out? I hope not cause what will happen to all the fab redone peices on the blogosphere.

    Anyway I was looking for matching beds for a room but seeing yours I thinking to similar styles painted the same colour works great!

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