I’m Not Usually a Jealous Person

February 24, 2011 at 2:12 am | Posted in designers | 4 Comments
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All of my family are at home and sick, sick, sick, there is some nasty bug going around and knock on wood I don’t catch it.  Nurse Laurie cannot afford to get sick!  (Although if I did it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as when my husband or child gets sick right?!)  Last night after I got the troops to bed early I actually had sometime to myself so I decided to go through all my old design magazines to tear out my favorites for my design binders.

I ran across one of my favorites spaces probably of all time.  It’s the Chicago apartment of Ellen Rakieten who is the executive producer of the Oprah Winfrey show.  When I was young I lived about 45 minutes from Chicago and for as long as I can remember I have had a love affair with Chicago.  So this space makes my heart beat even faster because not only is it in Chicago its in Lincoln Park and if that isn’t enough it has views of Lake Michigan.

(Elle Decor)

(Elle Decor)

(Elle Decor)

So what do when you need some interior design help?  You ask your friend Nate Berkus and your best friend Anne Coyle to decorate!  (Don’t we all do that?!)

So having an amazing job, living in an amazing place and having an amazing interior designer bff’s, what’s there to be jealous of right!?

Like most people I’m very familiar with Nate’s work and although I’ve heard of Anne Coyle I was curious to see her portfolio.

I was glad I found it and was not disappointed.

Her style is described as modern yet traditional.  (My favorite style.)

She also has a knack of playing with pastels and the result is surprisingly does not make you think of Easter!

(The key is to add black!)

I love a purple table!

Symmetry seems to be a theme too.


I’m glad I got to know Coyle a little bit better and the next time I’m in Chicago I’m going to make a trip to her store.  She sells vintage and upholstered pieces!  Right after I visit the Jonathan Adler store!  Yea, I know Chicago is the best!!



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  1. who wouldn’t love a place on Lake Shore Drive – Forget San Fran – Chicago steals your heart

    • It’s why your one of my favorite friends, we both think the same way!!

  2. Drew is worse? Poor guy…

    • Don’t you mean poor Laurie, after day 6 of being sick it’s the nurse that gets pity!

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