The Guest Room (Part 2)

February 16, 2011 at 2:33 am | Posted in bedroom | 1 Comment

After posting my guest room last week and staring at the photos I decided I needed to change a few things.  Today I’m going to focus on the dresser wall and share with you the changes I made.

Here is the before.

I didn’t like that there was so much black so I brainstormed.  One idea was to paint some stripes on the dresser but I just wasn’t up for it and just thought it be too busy.  As much as I love my gold butterflies after seeing the photo I have to admit they sorta blend in with the wall color and so does my black elephant.  Speaking of blending in so did the freaking lamp shade!  Boo!

A tip to remember, take a look at the light switch, it’s a dimmer, I put a dimmer in every room in the house.  My mother-in-law’s trick everything looks better (and cleaner) with a dimmer and some candles!!

So after a few changes here’s the after!

How the heck did I forget about my white wicker elephant sitting in my garage?  He likes the guest room way better then the cold garage.  I added this grass cloth runner from Pottery Barn to break up some of the black and I also think it warms up the room a bit.  That runner has been in almost every room of the house!  My butterflies were painted navy and the lamp shade is white with a navy blue pattern on it.

A peek inside one of the drawers reveals some items guest might need in case they forgot to pack them!  Plus fresh towels.  In another drawer there are extra blankets in case guest get cold then of course the other drawer is empty.  On top of the dresser there are some yummy chocolates from Trader Joes, cause who doesn’t like chocolate?

I’ve made some other changes to the other side of the room too but I think I’ll wait until my pillows I’m having made get here so you get the full effect!!


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