Don’t Rule Out the Unexpected

February 4, 2011 at 4:07 am | Posted in accessories | 4 Comments

It’s funny I can easily shop at a thrift store or Goodwill and Target but then I get snobby about certain stores and have my mind set of what sorts of things they have.

For example Big Lots, when I think of Big Lots I think of this.

A lazy boy is my idea of designer hell but a baby lazy boy, it’s like your teaching your kids they don’t even have a chance!! (:

I stoppped at Big Lots a few weeks ago because I was wasting some time while my daughter was at cheerleading and to my surprise look what I found!

So don’t be like me, don’t be a design snob, there’s great things to be found all over the place!

Anyone else have a favorite (secret) store they’ve found some great things at??



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  1. Ross. Most of the time it’s a mess but sometimes I can find treasures!!

    • You’re totally right, our Goodwill in Indy is nicer then our Big Lots!

  2. Oh, I’m a Big Lots and Ross snob, which means when I find something great there (and it does happen) I just don’t tell anyone where it came from!

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