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January 29, 2011 at 8:53 am | Posted in laundry room | 9 Comments
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Here is a photo of our laundry room in it’s current state.  Other then my pretty new washer and dryer  and some new lighting it’s pretty much my nightmare and apparently my husband’s nightmare too because this is our latest project were getting ready to tackle.

I know, I know I’m working on my office and sorta the living room right right now but those are sorta my projects, the laundry room is a joint project and since Drew and I haven’t worked on the house together since Thanksgiving and he’s now saying he’s ready, I’m going to take full advantage before he changes his mind!

We’re lucky it’s a good size room, it’s on the main level away from the rest of the house and it’s NOT in the basement!  I like things to be organized and everything in it’s place so cabinets are a must!

I had some ideas in mind and some pretty photos ripped out.  (like this one below)

But…even though I had some ideas when it comes to putting in cabinets I always go get some help from someone that knows cabinets better then I do, plus it’s always better to get a second opinion.

So off to Lowe’s kitchen and bath department we went last weekend.   Try it sometime, it’s fast and it’s free.  We brought in the room’s measurements and the person working with us inputted the information and seriously within 10 minutes we had this plan!

What’s great about getting a second opinion is it’s usually not what I had in mind so it gives me another option and in this case I’m going with this option!

On an unrelated note the organizing progress at the house is still going strong but didn’t think this week warranted a post of it’s own but it’s worth sharing.  Since we’re getting ready to file our taxes I was gathering my receipts etc., so at the same time I cleaned out my filing cabinet and at the same time I cleaned out my emails.  My biggest advice for doing this is simply ask yourself do you really need that receipt from 3 years ago?  I find people hold onto things they don’t really need anymore.  Just take a few hours and clean things out!  (Don’t forget to shred things before throwing them away.)



Have a great weekend!!



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  1. The floor goes really well with your laundry pair. Anxious to see the progress!

    • I’m not a fan of the floor but it’s just way too big of a project to rip out, plus it hides dirt like nothing else!

  2. Can’t wait to see the final reveal! I love your washer and dryer!!!!

    • I can’t wait to see all that mess put away!! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. My mom bought a washing machine that is just a little bit darker shade of blue than your set, and she said that she picked it because it was on sale because no one wanted that color! I think her washer and your set are absolutely beautiful!

    • Awww thanks, I love the color too, I mean I hate washing clothes you might as well make it look pretty right?!

  4. how did you get that designing program? did you download or buy it?

    warhol 😀

    • I went to Lowe’s and they drew up the specs from me, I hope this helps!

  5. […] pattern below is what I have in mind for my currently under construction laundry room, that is if I can find a bench!  Any guesses on what I’ll be doing […]

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