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January 14, 2011 at 1:50 am | Posted in office | 3 Comments
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I’m currently working on my office and we’ll hopefully be
done within the next few months. I think at this point it’s a
matter of just organizing and putting things together. (Of course
the 100 other projects I’m also doing with my business and the rest
of my house tends to get in the way.) I always put together a list
when I’m working on a room. (I’m the queen of list making.)
If it’s on the list I can guarantee it will get done.
No list, well…forget about it! I thought I’d share with you
my list for putting together my home office and the progress so
far. I’ll give you a peek at some things and will keep some
stuff for the final reveal.

1. Paint room. Sherwin Williams Tradewind SW 6218

2.  Storage for books and supplies

Ikea Aneboda


3. New desk
Ikea Mieke Desk

4. Paint desk chair

5.  Fabric for desk chair

6.  Fabric for long desk

7.  Lighting (Overhead) Fado Lighting

8. Lighting (Accent and Task)

9. WindowTreatments

10. Paint design boards

11. Artwork 12. Storage for fabric

13. Organize bookshelf

A photo right after Christmas! Here’s the thing I’ve decided to start showing off the what my spaces look like while the process is happening, I
think it’s important to show it doesn’t become finished overnight.


(I know, it was an indication of my life at that moment!)


Where I am at now.


(I know zzzzzz! It’ll get better, I promise!) So I was wondering how do you tackle design projects? Are you a list maker or do you just
go with the flow?



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  1. I also make a list! A really LONG one.. but unlike you, it’s still not guaranteed to be done even if it makes the list. But it really helps to keep you in track.

  2. The very best thing about makings lists is getting to check things off. There is an ongoing list on my frig at all times!!! I’m so happy that I’m not alone in this world. Thanks, Babe!!

  3. […] before isn’t so bad but a little boring so with some left over paint that I used in my office I painted it and shined it up.  I think the after is lots of […]

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