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January 13, 2011 at 8:28 am | Posted in organization | 6 Comments
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People seem to get overwhelmed when it comes to organizing their house because it seems like such a big project and lets face it is a big project.  I thought I’d add something new this year to House to Your Home about breaking the organizing down and giving you quick and easy ideas, not only to organize but to make it look pretty too!  You know me I’m pretty superficial its all about what’s on the outside that counts! (kidding people!)

The key is to do something small, literally sometimes it might just take a matter of minutes.  If you commit to doing one or two things a week that’s alot of stuff organized!

So follow along with me this year and watch me show you one project a week to help you make your house a organized home!

Today I’m showing you a shelf on my bookshelf in my office.

Remember my bookshelf?

I’ve been adding my books and pretties and trying to make it look nice.  (Reveal to come soon!) To me bookshelves are tough, lately though I lean more towards just books and less pretty.  This shelf are filled with my black binders that I hold all my tear outs from decorating magazines, as you can see they are mostly labeled with my handy dandy label maker but face it, it looks pretty sloppy.

My solution was to remove the labels and add numbers.  Then I made a list of the numbers and what is in each binder on a little cheat sheet I keep in my office desk. (i.e. kitchen, bath, outdoor space, etc.)

I also spray painted (shocker) my little foo dog to let him pop a bit more.

Not a crazy makeover but much better.  Like I said its one little thing at a time.  You’d be surprise how quickly things will come together for you!

Anyone else working on anything they are organizing?  Any tips?  I’d love to know!



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  1. I love organization, and what a fun, colorful way to do it!
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. You are one organized woman! Thanks for the tips and also for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  3. the hardware! wow!

  4. Here is my quick and unpainful way of sorting laundry as comes out of the dryer. Everyone in the family has his or her own color hangers. Once you hang stuff up you don’t have to sort through it again when putting the clothes into the closets. This worked especially great when we were redoing the Victorian house up in Logansport and I had to go to laundromat for 2 months and wash for five people. Oh, and your binders are great, I’ve been doing that for years but I use the labels of “L” “BA” “K” etc. When putting in the new kitchen I took the “K” with me to the designer with my favorite things circled and his work was a lot easier. He kept it for a couple of weeks to show other clients. Keep up the good work!!! I got a Santa Pez for Sloan, but I suppose she already has one?

    • I couldn’t imagine washing clothes for more then 3 people! I hope Pa Pa Barr is doing ok after his surgery, I thought of you guys today!! Sorry, Sloan does have a Santa Pez! 😦

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