Getting Rid of the Old

January 8, 2011 at 4:35 am | Posted in office | 5 Comments
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Most of my friends know I like to mix things up and swap out furniture so Craigslist is one of my b/f/f!  When I’m not in the mood to paint a piece of furniture for my shop I just throw it on Craigslist and usually it sells within a day.  The key to selling things quick is to price it low, my main objective is to get rid of it because I’ve grown tired of it so basically someone is paying me to move it out of my house!  Win! Win!

Why is it when you move into a new house all the things that seemed perfect in your old house look so out of place in your new place?

I recently sold my old desk.

I had it in our loft but with a desk in my daughter’s room, a desk in my husband’s office and a new desk in my office I thought we had enough desks in the our house!  The desk sold within 5 minutes and was picked up the next day.

Here’s the new desk I bought for my office (in progress).  I bought it because it was long and it was thin and it was already white so I didn’t have to paint it! (I’m suffering from painting burnout!)  I originally looked for a old desk but either it was way too big or way too babyish.  I put together my new desk last night and really like how it turned out.  Although am I the only person who thinks to themselves that this is the last piece of Ikea furniture I’m ever going to put together!

Ikea Micke Desk

Have a good weekend everyone, I’m going to see Country Strong!  Anyone else doing anything fun?



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  1. I’m an IKEA junkie and I say it after every time I put a piece of furniture together but yet, my entire apartment seems to be IKEA 🙂

  2. You need to let me know when you are selling furniture…friends come first! LOL

  3. I agree, you need to post here what’s going on the block!

    • I’ll have a store tab soon with items I’m selling! Promise!

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