Funny People

December 18, 2010 at 5:44 am | Posted in featured | 2 Comments

D and I recently watched the movie Funny People with Adam Sandler. First off, really really good movie, second freakin A the set design was amazing! Unfortunately I couldn’t find too much online to show it off but here’s what I found!  You seriously have to check out the movie although honestly the set design was so great it took away from the movie at time.  (Well at least for a interior design geek like me!)

This was a dining room I love the charcoal gray walls, the wainscoting and the black and white photos of family in the room.  I’ve never seen personal photos in a dining room.  I love that idea in my opinion the dining room can feel like a off limit space and this idea makes it so comfy!



I personally love the ottoman, it doesn’t quite go and neither do the pillows on the couch but that is the exact reason I love this room!


This outdoor space was AMAZING, I mean it makes me wish I didn’t live in Indianapolis and the weather wasn’t so brutally cold right now!  Umm hello, check out that outdoor bar people!!


I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I picked up a truly awesome find this week at my favorite thrift store so hopefully I can do a reveal soon!  Did I mention how awesome it was!

Take care!!!

xo L



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  1. If you ever want to come to the ATL and do set design, I can hook you up!

    • I want to come to ATL and do set design, I mean duh girl!!

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