Following My Gut and Letting Go

November 12, 2010 at 2:10 am | Posted in designers, personal | 6 Comments
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Every now and then I suffer from too much design and my mind tends to go into overload.  Honestly to say interior design is a passion is putting it mildly.  Not only do I study it at school but when I’m not spending time with my husband or daughter it’s pretty safe to say I’m working on a project or reading one of my many design magazines I subscribe to each month, reading one of the hundreds of blogs I read each day or reading a new book I picked up at the bookstore.

The problem with that or the problem with me is that I love everything, literally,  shabby chic, mid-century,  modern,  traditional,  bold patterns and muted fabrics, seriously I could go on and on.  Even if it’s not my style or taste if its done nice I’m the first one to appreciate it.  I think this makes me question every single thing I end up doing to my house though.  There is always something new and there’s always a room I end up seeing that I think why didn’t I do that?

I mean look at all these beautiful rooms!

(Emily A Clark)

(Little Green Notebook)

(Urban Grace)

(Isabella and Max Rooms)

(Making It Lovely)

(Pure Style Home)

You see what I’m saying, beautiful, amazing, inspiring, which of course makes me think my spaces fall short!  It’s the typical women being too hard on ourselves syndrome.  There is always going to be something prettier, nicer, newer, cooler but it dawned on me nothing is going to be like my home.  I clicked on my about tab yesterday and it brought me back to reality and made me stop beating myself up, I’ve loved all my homes and loved designing all my spaces and even if they’re not perfect they’re mine and are filled with memories and love and afterall isn’t that what it’s really about??

So I’m going to cut myself a break, stop stacking myself up to others and follow my heart when it comes to designing my home. (Well I’ll try!)



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  1. That’s what makes your style – yours!

  2. We all go through this-why are women so bad at comparing ourselves too each other?! Like Sharon said-your style is yours and that is why we read your blog because we like your style!!

  3. I want to keep this one! It’s so true-we always want it to be better, but the bottom line is, it’s HOME!

  4. Good grief, I’m always amazed at how similar our minds are! I am the exact same way about being too hard on myself.

    I’ll tell you for the millionth time, though – your style is wonderful and there are people out there (LIKE ME) who envy YOU. Really!!!

    • Umm duh we’re Gemini twins!!! We are freakishly alike aren’t we!!!! Miss ya girl!

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