Unconventional Yet Sentimental Foyer Resource List (Oh Yea and Another Tweak!)

November 5, 2010 at 1:37 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

Since I’m on a roll and procrastinating starting the dining room, I thought I’d do my resource list for you all for the foyer today but first remember when I was pining away over this little umbrella stand?

This little cutie is from Burke Decor but with a price tag of $140.00 it just wasn’t in my budget, I mean it holds umbrellas people and let’s face it I’ll probably grow tired of it quickly.  I like to splurge on things like couches and lighting fixtures, things that truly will stand the test of time.

Sooooo….I was perusing Home Goods yesterday and as I walked down an aisle something incredible (to me) caught my eye and I snatched it up as quickly as I could.  (I mean you have to those women at Home Goods are vultures!)  I couldn’t wait to get this piece home and place it in my foyer, so not to tease you anymore here’s what I found!

I mean how cute is he???  Oh yea and “he” was only $19.99.  He might seem a bit short but so was the one from Burke Decor, regardless I like him!!!

So onto the foyer resource list.  A reminder of what the foyer looks like.


Moodboard and Inspiration for the Project:


Apartment Therapy Questionnaire

Style:  Unconventional yet sentimental.

Inspiration:  A space designed by Jonathan Adler, he’s so fun and talented!!

Favorite Element:  My umbrella stand, I’d given up hope of getting one so I was super excited to find him, and so darn cheap!

Biggest Challenge:  Wallpapering the space, but let’s be honest I didn’t do it!  Another challenge was because we had so much going on with other projects this small space took more then 4 months to complete!

What Friends Say:  I love the curtains, what you stenciled them?  This is so you Laurie!  (Always a big compliment!)

Biggest Embarrassment:  Really none, I mean it’s a really small space!

Proudest DIY:  Most everything in the space was a DIY project but if I had to pick one it would be the silhouettes, I mean how cute is Lilly??

Biggest Indulgence:  My peacock mirror.

Best Advice:  Know when you’re not up for the challenge, like I knew I couldn’t wallpaper this space, there were too many nooks and crannies, this is the first thing guest see, I didn’t want them to see something half way done!

Dream Source:  Probably Wisteria, I’d buy the “real” peacock mirror that cost over $2,300.00!!

Walls:  Urban Finishes Wallpaper, Sherwin Williams

Trim Color:  Benjamin Moore Simply White

Lighting Fixture:  World Imports (discontinued)

Rug:  Diamond Chenille Rug, Pier 1 Imports

Lighting:  Home Designs, Target (discontinued and sprayed black)

Bench:  Garage sale find.  Upholstery  is Libson Linen Olive from Calico Corners

Owl Umbrella Stand:  Home Goods

Curtains:  Queen size Calvin Klein Sheet-TJ Maxx, stenciled (Hobby Lobby) eggshell benjamin moore black paint, with pom pom trim

Accessories:  Brass tin and vintage owl-grandmother’s, candle is volvspa from Anthropologie.  Shelf is from local thrift store.

Silhouettes:  DIY project.

Sideboard:  Goodwill find, painted Courtyard Green from Benjamin Moore

Mirror:  Peacock Mirror, Pier 1 Imports



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  1. Hello! I love you blog! I became one of your newest followers through buzz on by Thursday.

  2. Hey Laurie! I suffer from the same decorating disease you do. It’s actually a bit of a relief to take a small break from it although, let’s not kid ourselves, I’d rather be decorating my own place right now.

    You sure scored on that dining room set. Some day you will have to share some of your favorite stores with me!

    • I know what you mean when we first moved into the house we still had 30 days until we closed on our old house so to be safe I did nothing on the new house, I thought I would go crazy not doing any decorating but I actually ended up loving it! It be interesting for you and I to shop at the same thrift stores to see what we’d end up with we both have such different styles don’t you think! Everytime I read your blog I think I need a 2nd house, I’ve always loved cottage style!! (Again there goes another symptom in my decorating ADD!)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this. First of all your owl umbrella holder is SUPER CUTE and I would have NEVER thought to use curtains the windows on the sides of my front door. THAT may be THE coolest idea EVER!!!! Im new to your blog and i LOVE IT!!! Hugs from Texas, Tara

    • Tara! So glad you found me and thank you for the great comments! I hope you come back!!

  4. I found you over at Holly Mathis today and love your foyer! I’ve found another blog to check out daily….thanks!

    • Thanks so much Priscilla, I’m glad you found me! Holly’s blog is amazing isn’t it!! Have a great week!

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