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October 8, 2010 at 11:19 pm | Posted in kitchen | 7 Comments
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Last week’s poll was a close one but the style most of you prefer is eclectic with traditional running a close second. It’s pretty cool that the 2 styles that are my favorites were the top two, it means my readers and I have something in common! Probably not rocket science though, afterall if you’re reading my blog we probably share similar styles, duh Laurie!

So my question for this week is what sort of cabinet do you like in your kitchen? Looking back I think I’ve had white cabinets in almost every kitchen I’ve ever had, I love a white kitchen, it’s clean and classic but what do you know I have dark wood cabinets in my new kitchen, one that’s begging to be painted but I fear my husband would kill me because the wood is very pretty! So I’m going to stick with the cabinets and go outside my box and design a kitchen around dark wood cabinets.

So what do you like?

White cabinets??

Wood cabinets??

Or something that has sparked my interest lately, painted cabinets that aren’t white??

(All photos from Houzz)

Make sure to go to the side and vote! Thanks!

Have a great weekend everyone!!



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  1. Goodness I love all these kitchens but I fancy the ones with the white cabinets the best! Thank you for visiting today and I love your blog!!!

  2. I think white cabinets are gorgeous and they look so fresh and inviting. When we redo our kitchen, I’d really like to do something that’s not too trendy so it goes out of style quickly. I think I’m leaning towards a medium to dark wood.

  3. So many choices… so hard to choose! We do like the white cabinets in these particular kitchens.


  4. Well dear, white cabinets get my vote. I have always had brown ones and I finally painted mine white, oh what a project. Never again unless we move and you would have to drag me kicking and screaming.

  5. I prefer dark wood over white, but painted my cabinets white to match my existing wood floor.

    • Your kitchen looks awesome btw!! I love the white cabinets and the tile!!

  6. I have only had two houses/kitchens of my own. I had white cabinets in the first, and dark ones presently. I prefer the dark. With kids and especially if you have a indoor pet, white is much harder to keep looking clean. If you are worried that the room will look dark, you can brighten the walls and backsplash and such with paint, tile, etc….

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