No Fail Decorating Secret!

September 30, 2010 at 3:09 am | Posted in accessories | 2 Comments
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I’ve said it a million times use what you love, it doesn’t have to match, it doesn’t have to be pretty to others, it doesn’t have to be particularly functional as long as you love it and it means something to you. If you follow that logic I promise you’ll end up holding onto that object for years and you’ll find that it’ll end up in most of your rooms!

Here are a few things that I’ve used in my masterbedroom.

I’ve been wanting a bust for awhile now, it’s been on my inspiration board for months! I scored one at Midland Antiques and decided to adorn it with a pearl necklace Drew bought me years ago on Valentine’s Day (best date ever) and a necklace my b/f/f and mother-in-law- Kris got me for my 40th b-day this year. I love when I’m at my makeup table in the morning and I get to see these special items.

I’ve had these plates since I went away to college. Instead of going out and buying cheap plates my mom went to an auction and bought me a set of china. Some of them have broken, some have been lost but I’ve managed to hold onto a few of them and they’ve been in various rooms of all my houses.

Use what you love people!!



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  1. I love the color red and use it often.

  2. The bust is very beautiful!

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