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September 23, 2010 at 11:28 pm | Posted in accessories | 8 Comments
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Jenny from My Favorite & My Best recently blogged about Trendz you Hate part 2.. It sorta got out of control, I mean when it comes down to it, people have very strong opinions about what is a trend and what is classic and heaven forbid someone in fun jokes about a trend you might happen to have in your home.

She talked about things like subway tile, slipcovers and greek key to name a few. Her post was hilarious and great but what was really great were the comments (and there were alot). Can you say meow!! There seems to be no middle ground in the design blog world it’s either comments about how much they love you and what you’ve done or there is I hate this and I hate that. Apartment Therapy is one of my favorite blogs but I’m telling you the people who submit their photos to AT are my heros and brave as hell because the comments are usually brutal!! Design snobbery at it’s best.

My opinion is I love a beautifully decorated house whether it’s my style or not, it’s the feeling you get when you walk into a home and you feel it instantly. The best compliment I can get is your house is so comfy! Being a designer I like just about everything which makes it even harder to decorate my house.

Back to all these elements or trends people are tired of seeing, let’s get real how many of you see any of those things like ikat, lanterns and cowhides into the houses you walk into? Here are some decorating no’s that I’m really tired of seeing and I guarantee you’ve all seen em!!

The crochet afghan, or what I like to call the Roseanne blanket! I don’t care if your grandma made it, it’s not cool!

The Fake wood desk, go to your local Goodwill store, I guarantee there is a real wood desk there and it’s a lot cheaper. Paint that baby up and I guarantee it’s going to last longer then this thing!

The halogen torchiere lamp, admit it you had one, so did I, ummm back in the ’80’s, you know the one that collected the dead bugs on the top and caused people’s drapes to go up in flames!!

The wooden heart shelf, there are no words the photo speaks for itself. All I can say is usually there are precious moments perched on top of those shelves!!

The lazy boy, it’s ugly, I don’t care that it’s comfortable, so is an overstuffed white slip covered chair! It shouldn’t even be in the “man cave” or the garage!

Anything by Thomas Kinkade! Seriously hang up your kids artwork instead!

Anything Disney related. Seriously it looks cheap and tacky, I don’t care if your kid loves Cinderella or Woody, don’t buy these sets, not only are they ugly they are itchy and cheaply made and for some reason I feel like they’d melt if they got near the heat. If your kid has to have something with a Disney character on it buy them a pillowcase to sleep on, it’ll do the trick I promise!

Now of course these are just my opinions but you have to agree these are far worse then a little subway tile in your kitchen! But if they make you happy then you can tell me to bite it!! In the end it’s about what you love!



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  1. I’m with you on the afghan and the lazy boy chair! okay, and the rest too!

  2. Granny Squares are making a big come back…


    Cool, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    And I take exception to your feelings on Disney, too. I love my Eeyore sheets and I’m just about ready to celebrate my 58th birthday.

    Again, I respect your tastes, mine are not inferior, just different.

    • You couldn’t be more right about beauty is in the eye of the beholder but trust me it doesn’t matter how many links you send me crochet granny squares will never be cool in my eyes nor will Disney anything! Like I said in my post these are my opinions and if something makes you happy then that is really all that matters!! Thank you for your response!

  3. Congratulations! I have chosen you as the recipient of The Versatile Blogger Award! Go to http://www.adornonashoestring.com to claim the award. 🙂


    • Thank you Chrystal! I read your blog and it’s really great!!

  4. Hmmmmm, I happen to like the afghan, as I crochet and have made them for friends and family. Gifts of love, thats what they are. My hubby would just die, if I threw out his over-stuffed recliner. I’m thrilled, that after 38 years, he still can’t wait to come home and relax, instead of finding any number of other things to do.

    Home is where you hang your hat and BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder.

    Thanks for your Blog. I really have enjoyed reading what you have to say. And, I look forward to future Blogs by you.

    Stormie 🙂

    • That’s what’s so great about design, it’s all about what makes you happy!!

  5. wheeew! i’m so happy I am not guilty of any of these!!! you hit the nail on the head with your list!!!!

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