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September 11, 2010 at 12:39 am | Posted in accessories | 1 Comment
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I was at Target yesterday picking up a dustbuster for the stairs. Yea I’m officially that old when I’m blogging about a hand-held vacuum cleaner. Can you believe I turned 40 (yea I said it, and trust me I don’t say that often) this year and I’ve never owned one?

Now that the sanding in our basement is done I’m finally able to clean up a bit and finally caved and bought my mini vacuum for our stairs that are carpeted! BORING!!

So I can’t just go to Target and buy a stupid vacuum!! Ummm hellooo, freaking no way!!! Look what caught my eye!

How cute are these coasters by John Derian? I’m actually using them as coasters but wouldn’t they look cute in frames??

Happy Friday everyone! WIsh me luck Sloan is going to her first dance and she’s cheering at her first football game!!


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  1. Absolutely! I have some antique silhouettes hanging in the upstairs bathroom. Come over and see them.

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