Week 5 of the Basement Remodel

September 10, 2010 at 2:50 am | Posted in basement, big girl house | 5 Comments

Well, we’re getting there slowly but surely. The ceiling is up and so are the light fixtures and most of the floors have been installed.

The floors are actually a floating vinyl flooring, I know they are dirty but trust me they look really good. The decision for vinyl was because its a basement and knock on wood it’s a dry basement but you never know right, and carpet and real wood just doesn’t seem like a good option.

Guest room

Drew’s hobby storage area

Drew’s office

Family room

If you look you’ll see the bar in the family room that was originally in our bedroom. The plan is to paint it black. A bar is better suited in the family room don’t you think?

The doors and countertop are going to take a few more weeks before they are in and the vanity will be here next week but hopefully the trim will be done this week and our trusty contractor Roland will start the subway tile in the bathroom.

I actually ordered some fabric for the guest room and family room so the fun part of this remodel is getting closer!

Week 4
Week 3



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  1. Looks like you’ve put a lot of hard work into your basement. Can’t wait to see it all done!

  2. I’m in the middle of a remodel myself — so I get the dirty part – ha! I see you have dropped ceiling down there. I will likely need to do the same when I get to my downstairs (Phase 2). So, did you have options or was this the obvious choice? I’d like some options but with all the utilities/HVAC up there, seems to be no-brainer … I know you are excited with the new space — yay! I’ll need to go with a vinyl/engineered flooring downstairs as well, looks great!

    • Unfortunately we had to use a drop ceiling, there was so much electrical/HVAC etc we thought it was a better option so we could get to it if we needed it and rerouting all that stuff if I wanted to drywall the ceiling was going to be very costly. I’m hoping once the room is done the ceiling is less noticeable. I picked ceiling tiles that were smooth and very little holes too. What are you remodeling Jill?

  3. great content…looking forward to seeing the final results

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