Why I Can’t Take Drew to the Hardware Store

August 25, 2010 at 5:03 am | Posted in outside spaces | 6 Comments
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We had to go to the hardware store because of this.

(Week 2 of Basement Remodel)

We were at the hardware store to pick out ceiling tiles and flooring for our basement. We took care of that but something caught his eye.

We’ve also been working on our backyard and so far this is what we had.

(A cement bar)

(Forms and pea gravel)

(Then came the cement truck, thank God we have no neighbors next to us, they pulled right in the back!)

(Bar and cement patio)

Let me interrupt my story to tell you that it was 3:00 p.m. when Drew decided he wanted to install a wall around our cement patio. So by the time we figured out how many bricks we needed, rented a truck and unloaded two truck loads of 40 pound bricks it was 8:30 and after midnight when we finished. (Hint: If you apply for a Home Depot card you get the truck rental for free and a $25.00 gift card, plus we put a few gift cards we both received for our birthdays we put toward the purchase! They even let us pay off the credit card balance at the same time since Drew and I don’t have credit cards! Always looking for a bargain people!)

Here’s what we ended up with!

I think it turned out really great but seriously Drew is killing me with his outdoor projects! We still have quite a bit of work to do back there but I think we’re off to a great start!



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  1. LOVE IT! Thought I saw a truck go by, while I was walking the dog. Should have known it was your house it was going to!

  2. Looks good…when is the party?

    • You missed it, we had one last weekend, lots of 12 year olds! Nothings about me anymore, you should know that! But we’re planning one soon!

  3. Your new place sure is coming along. You guys are ambitious with your projects! I’m so happy that you sold your old house. It is an emotional experience though isn’t it?

    • Hi Jen! I’ve sold more then 6 houses in 10 years and you think I’d know the drill and not take the experience personal but I do each and everytime! Selling the house was a huge burden lifted and we’re really enjoying making this house our home!! Looks like the Village is agreeing with you and your family! You guys really live in one of the best places in Indy!!

  4. […] Next we had a cement patio put in and after that Drew somehow suckered me into helping him install a brick wall around the patio. […]

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