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August 24, 2010 at 3:59 am | Posted in personal | 3 Comments

To wish Miss Sloan a great year as a 7th grader! We had a great summer, lots of swimming, sport camps, trips to Michigan,camping with Ya Ya, water parks and amusement parks.

She was very excited to start school this morning especially since she’s an upper classman at her school. I mean hello she’ll be ruling the school next year as an 8th grader! She’s very excited to hang out with her friends and even more excited to go to boy/girl dances and meet other kids from the surrounding catholic schools.

Preparing for school was alot different this year then years before, we had to get her haircut in layers and highlighted, eyebrows waxed, very specific shoes that she spotted in her Seventeen magazine and finding a backpack that looked more like a purse then a backpack.

There was one little thing that she was most stressed about though, look what she got today!



Is it just me or is she still a knock out!! Here’s hoping she has a great year this year filled with fun memories!! I have no doubt she’ll make me proud like she does every year! I’m truly the luckiest mom on the planet!

(I’ll post what Drew and I did this weekend tomorrow, promise!)



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  1. She’s a beautiful young lady.

  2. Sloan, you’re gonna knock their sox off!!! I wish I’d look like you when I was your age, or any age for that matter!!

  3. Sloan’s still a cutie!

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