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August 4, 2010 at 3:18 am | Posted in outside spaces | 7 Comments
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Drew has been on vacation this week and to say we’ve been busy is putting it lightly. Poor guy needs a vacation from his vacation. Oh wait, he’s having a boys vacation starting tomorrow! Anyways he got this bright idea that on top of painting, unpacking and coordinating contractors that he wanted to put in a firepit, or shall a say, he wanted “us” to put in a firepit!

Here’s what we started out with.

A large backyard a firepit and 6 adirondack chairs we got for 50% off, but we like to think we got them for free. Let me explain, we bought a new washer and dryer a few weeks ago and got a good deal on them because they were running a sale for 10% off for their energy saver sale and also because we ended up buying the washer that was their floor models so we scored another $150.00 off. It gets better though, a week later when we went back for the firepit we noticed the washer and dryer was $200.00 cheaper and they were running another 10% off sale for Samsung. We ran back home and got our receipt and was immediately refunded the difference! So this is how we justified our new chair purchases!

Now back to this project. We started it Thursday evening and we thought we’d just dig up the hole by hand! Ha! Who were we kidding? Needless to say Drew rented a sod cutter the next morning. Absolutely the best $20.00 we ever spent. So after a couple of hours of rolling up the grass we ended up with this. (I skipped the part where I was moaning about the hard labor!)

Looking pretty good though!

Next we laid the paper so weeds hopefully will stay away.

Hmmm…maybe we should just install a pool?! It is pretty hot outside!

After the paper came the rocks.

Then came the pea gravel.

I wish it was as easy as this posting! But next came the fun part, the furniture!

Here’s a close up, some pillow, a throw and some candles.

Bring on the s’mores!



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  1. When can you come to my house?!? LOVE it!

  2. Thanks Julie!! Hope your first day back at school went great!!

  3. When do I get to come over for some s’mores?

  4. Looks fantastic and very relaxing! What did you do with the sod? Am I correct in thinking that there’s break for buying energy saving appliances on your next years tax return? Ohio had that!

    • We were lucky enough that the man who takes care of the empty lots surrounding us let us put the left over sod in the lots as long as we scattered them around and not leave them in a pile. I can’t imagine the extra work if we would of had to load them into the jeep! And yes we do get a break on the taxes for the appliances! Hope you’re having a nice summer Maryann!!

  5. […] Our first project was a fire pit.  This is also the last fire pit I plan on being involved in.  Does anyone know how hard it is to pull up sod or how heavy it is to move it to point A to point B?   Then go figure, a fire ban was put into place because I’m not sure if it ever rained in Indy this summer. […]

  6. […] August we were busy!  I mean really busy and one of the many projects we completed was a fire pit in our […]

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