I Have Seriously Lost My Mind!

July 16, 2010 at 11:56 pm | Posted in foyer | 1 Comment
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I’ll let you in on a little secret, I totally have ADD when it comes to decorating my house, I go from one room to the next, heck who am I kidding, I think I have ADD when it comes to life!

I’m trying very hard to break this habit and concentrate on one room at a time with our new house (it’s hard) and I think it’s making me a little crazy! Who would have thought an entry way would take months to finish!

I’m heading into the home stretch though and most of the things are bought or ordered and the wallpaper gal has been hired and we’re moving onto the execution of the room.

So here’s where I get crazy, I’ve convinced myself that I must have an umbrella stand but the problem is that they are either completely ugly or they cost $150.00! I’ve been known to splurge but honestly I cannot pay $150.00 to store my umbrellas. I have scoured the internet, the thrift stores and antique malls and have come up with zilch. But since I have told myself I can only work on the entry way I am determined to check off done for this silly umbrella stand I have gone off the deep end.

My temporary solution until I hopefully find something reasonably priced and pretty?

Yep that’s right its a cardboard box! (I told you I’ve lost it!)

Or is it?

A little left over spray paint, old dresser knobs for the legs, window seal for the rim and bottom and some left over trim and voila! The letters were $3.00 after I used my Hobby Lobby coupon! I’m open for spending more and replacing this once I find something I really like but for now the umbrella stand is checked off the list!

Onto the next project! Happy Friday!


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  1. Please come and live at my house

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