Decorating Burnout

May 26, 2010 at 1:35 am | Posted in personal | 2 Comments
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I have to be honest I go through moments where I get completely burned out when it comes to my hobby of interior design and I am not the least bit interested in a pretty room. I know, I know, who doesn’t love a pretty room?

Sometimes life gets in the way of a pretty room though and although I was convinced that this year was going to be our year after the crummy year we had last year (specifically, losing Harper and Nora) it’s not turning out so great and I’ve been a bit stressed out. What do I do when I get stressed ? I hole up in my cave and hide from the real world, but I’m venturing my way back slowly but surely.

Instead of being mopey, I’m going to focus on the positive things like being proud of Sloan for getting straight A’s all year, participating in Girl Scouts, kickball, basketball, volleyball, track and now cheerleading and the fact that this kid gets up on her own in the morning without me having to yell and scream like most parents and does her homework without being told. (Now if I can only get her to remember to brush those teeth twice a day!) Honestly this kid rocks it like no one else! I also have a terrific husband who drives me crazy most of the time (of course I never drive him crazy) but he’s my rock and my biggest supporter. I also love our new house and I’m excited to start school again next fall. (Remind me how excited I am about school when I’m crying about not getting any sleep!)

No big design post today, I’m just getting my feet wet to see if I can start getting excited about the 15 rooms in our new house that are just waiting to be made over!!

For now, I’ll just leave you with some rooms of Duane Hampton (the wife of the legendary Mark Hampton.) These rooms were done years ago and it just shows that some designs never goes out of style!

Tomorrow I’ll show you a room re-do we did on our old house to prepare for an open house we had on Sunday!



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  1. Gorgeous! You’ll pull thru-you’re a STRONG girl!

  2. I’m so behind in blogs lately and just read this…I hope things are going better! Love you lots!

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