I Wish Sarah’s House was My House!

April 30, 2010 at 1:38 am | Posted in designers | 4 Comments
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I know it might be hard to believe but truth be told I barely watch HGTV, in fact I can go months and months without ever watching it. I mean if House Hunters is on I’ll watch it but really its only to yell at the people who are obviously buying the wrong house, I mean hellooooo house #2 was so much better and to wonder what have they been doing in the last 4 months because the house doesn’t really look any better yet!

I also love Candice Olson, I mean who doesn’t but then I get discouraged because I don’t have that sort of budget, don’t have a Chico to do all my fancy lighting designs and face it I don’t have her sweet decorating skills!

Last week I actually watched Sarah’s House and decided to dvr it from now on, I love Sarah Richardson! I have loved her designs for awhile but seeing her show last week sparked me to take a peek over at her website! Let’s just say BEAUTIFUL!

Do you watch HGTV and if your answer is yes, what is your favorite show?



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  1. The only HGTV show I get here in Switzerland is “Holmes on Homes” and I really like listening to him complain about the bad contractors šŸ™‚ I guess I broke the HGTV habit many years ago. Whenever I’ve watched when visiting, it was seeming really repetitive. I should start looking at their Web site too šŸ™‚

  2. We usually have HGTV on all weekend, so I’m sure there’s some daytime shows that I don’t get to watch. So, I typically watch Curb Appeal (my fav), Jamie Durie, Property Virgins and House Hunters. Jim loves Holmes on Homes, and I absolutely HATE that show!

  3. I had Sarah record that same show on the computer for me-I haven’t watched it yet, but the house looks GORGEOUS!!!

  4. I like C. Olson also for obvious reasons, but have been catching Sarah off and on and like what she can do a more realistic budget.

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