Laundry Room

April 21, 2010 at 1:33 am | Posted in laundry room | 3 Comments

Ok I admit it I’m totally sad, no, no, no, lets put a positive spin on it and say I’m home obsessed but I’m really excited our new house has an actual laundry room and I won’t have to wash clothes in a basement anymore.

And yes, that means another room I can design and decorate! Here are some of my favorite laundry rooms!

(Unfortunately, I don’t have sources for the above photos, they are from my personal inspiration folder of rooms that I love, if you happen to know where they came from let me know so I can give kudos to the owners!)

(Country Living)



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  1. Laurie, I take laundry room no. 5 (is that even for real!?) and I would handle my neighbors’ laundry as well! Divine!

    Thank you for leaving a comment on my guest post over at FTRB. I am glad you did – so that I could discover you!

    You will hear from me again!

    ox, Monika

    • Yea that laundry room is killer isn’t it!! Thanks for stopping here too! I look forward to reading Splendid Willow also!!

  2. […] had some ideas in mind and some pretty photos ripped out.  (like this one […]

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