Window Treatments and Fabrics!

April 1, 2010 at 3:42 am | Posted in bedroom | 5 Comments
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I’m researching window treatments and fabrics for Sloan’s new bedroom. I’ll need fabric for the windows, pillows and possibly some upholstered pieces.

(A reminder of the bedspread Sloan picked out)

Here is a photo of Sloan’s windows in her room. I have to decide whether to treat this as one corner window or two individual windows.

Here is my sketch of one corner window treatment.

Here is my sketch of two individual windows.

Here are some fabric swatches I have to chose from.

(Esha Raspberry Pink-Calico Corners)

(Garden Gate Licorice-Calico Corner)

(Copacabana Pool-Kravet)

(Winston Domino-Calico Corner)

(Freckles Blush-Kravet)

(Kalypso Pool-Kravet)

So what do you think one treatment or two individual??



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  1. Laurie-

    I like the idea of treating it as one window. You could even add a third panel in the center. I really like fabric options 2 and 3. What about Option 2 as the side panels and Option 3 as the center panel. I love how the room is coming together. You guys have great taste!

  2. Look at you Miss Interior Designer!! Great advice Carrie!

  3. I agree-like the treating it as one window idea. I like fabric swatch #2, but I would put in some of the pink, too, just to punch it up!

  4. […] also darkened up my hand sketched window treatments from yesterday if you want to take a better look! Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  5. Sloan has voted for the one window idea!

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