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March 6, 2010 at 4:08 am | Posted in resources | 2 Comments
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Spring break is approaching and most people head to Florida, Cancun or California, me I go to Chicago. On the list of places to hit is the Merchandise Mart to visit some showrooms. First place I’m hitting? Farrow & Ball to look at paint colors and wallpaper.

(The above photo is the Merchandise Mart! Did you know it has its own zip code and 4,000,000 square feet of floor room space! That’s alot of shopping and a great place for ideas!)

Back to Farrow & Ball, here’s a question we’ve all asked…Where do they come up with the names of paint colors? I mean there is smoked trout, elephant’s breath and cat’s paw to name a few!

Some contenders for my new house include:

Green Blue

Chinese Blue

Verte De Terre

Wallpaper is back whether people like it or not and I plan on getting on the wallpaper train and I think these are super pretty!




(Image from Katy Elliot)

Happy Friday & Happy Shopping!!



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  1. wow..seeing that picture of the mart brings back memories of when Granny K used to work there prior to the opening of the Apparel Center, the rag showrooms were all at the Merchandise Mart back then…remember?

  2. And how is it they know what color elephant’s breath is? Your next trip will have to be to Americas Mart in Atlanta

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