My Most Important and Possibly my Most Difficult Client

March 3, 2010 at 3:08 am | Posted in tween bedroom | 5 Comments
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We’re getting close to closing on our new house which leads me to who my most difficult client is…

My 11 year old daughter Sloan. Up until now she was pretty fine with me doing what I wanted to do with her room. Now as a 6th grader she has very specific demands, most important, a room to hang out with her friends in.

Since we are planning on staying in this house for a minimum of at least 7-8 years (which is a lifetime for me), I’ve decided to stop fighting it and embrace the traditional side in me and go with perhaps a traditional/modern design approach. Sloan doesn’t care about that though she just wants something colorful and fun and what she likes and what I am envisioning are two different things.

Here’s the thing though, as a mom you learn to let go when it comes to alot of things and this is one thing I’m willing to let go of, as shocking as that seems for me! I really want her to remember this house and have as many great memories as possible and I want her room to be a place her friends want to hang out in.

First thing first, how did I convince Sloan to move in the first place? I promised I’d buy her a new comforter for her bedroom. Seriously, that was all it took! She’s made me proud too, she’s been online and looking through magazines trying to find the “look” that says this is Sloan’s room!

She wanted to keep pink in her room, it’s her “signature” color but she wanted it to be an accent color this time, not the main focus. This is what she’s come up with, seriously all on her own!

She picked it out from her Delias catalog and although I plan on swapping the bedskirt out (too matchy, matchy) she did great and this will be our starting point to her room.

There’s lot to plan for when designing a tween, soon to be teen’s room, I mean they spend most of their time in the room, they have to study, hang out, sleep, read and watch television in there so multiple zones have to be planned out.

On Sloan’s wishlist is lots of shelves for her books, a clever display for her snowglobes and pez collections a place to show off her guitars and a seating area for friends. You have to keep in mind their whole world is in a 12×15 space so clever storage is a must and as a mom lighting is important too, especially when they are doing homework.

I hope I give her the room she wants and she doesn’t fire me!

Looking for help designing a room, make sure you check out my service page to see the various design options I offer!



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  1. Ohmygoodness. Quite impressed with the Ragsdale pieces. Have never before seen his work.


  2. Yes… it starts out small….first you lose the control to dress them…then comes the loss of being able to decorate their territory….next it will be her hair/makeup/tatto/body piercing….oh and don’t forget BOYFRIEND….ugh! what’s a Mom to do???? 🙂

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