10 Things That Make Me Happy

February 19, 2010 at 12:41 am | Posted in accessories, personal | 7 Comments
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Some of these things I have, some I want, all I love!

1. Hermes blanket, a classic piece every house needs casually draped over a chair!

2. I’m one of those girls who always would change out my perfumes according to the season but Daisy by Marc Jacobs is slowly becoming my signature scent, I reach for it 9 times out of 10.

(Apartment Therapy)
3. A black and white rug, I’m thinking for my dining room, love the pop it brings to the room.

4. A tufted headboard, my room or possibly Sloan’s, whatever room there will be a tufted headboard in my new house.

5. JCrew Rainy Day ballet flats, possibly my summertime equivalent to my wintertime Uggs.

6. Lucite coffee table, I’m thinking with a vintage suitcase underneath it.

7. A bust, a man, a woman, doesn’t matter, but will for sure be used like the one in this photo. I love my costume jewelry!

8. Anthropologie monogram candle, my husband, D, never buys me the same gift more then once except for this candle. I love it!

9. Tory Burch Flapper Fringed Hobo Bag, this one has been on the want list for awhile now. (Hint, hint D!)

10. It’s no secret I love Jonathan Adler and I have loved anything with a British flag on it ever since I saw Jennifer Delonge’s (Tom Delonge’s from Blink 182 wife) house featured a few years ago, in a magazine I can’t remember but the photos are still on my inspiration board. You gotta have a little rocker girl in ya!



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  1. Love the bust idea-looks so cute! Whereever do you buy a bust (reasonable?) I love British things, too! Have you been to England?

    • They are starting to pop up all over the place, Midland Antiques, etc., although you could find one even at Amazon or Ebay. I have never been to England although it is on my list to do!

  2. Love the lucite coffee table over a vintage suitcase idea…eclectic layering..very clever!

    And..I sooo want those JCrew flats!!!

  3. I have to second the black and white rug. AND the lucite table with a vintage suitcase. Yum.


  4. I just love the dishware and candles too!

  5. Just found this blog..great posts.

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