Pink and Red Rooms in Honor of Valentine’s Day

February 9, 2010 at 2:15 am | Posted in color | 1 Comment
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I love color and am a believer that color evokes a feeling and response from the people who live in and visit a space.

I had to do a feature on red and pink rooms this week because of Valentine’s Day. Red and pink are the universal colors of Valentine’s Day and love and once I found out the meaning behind the colors it makes perfect sense. I always have thought that the “perfect couple” are not completely alike but usually very different from one another, playing off each other, you know the whole ying and yang thing. I wouldn’t label my husband Drew and I the “perfect couple” but I do know we are VERY different and it is probably what ties us together and I do know we are very happily married!!

Pink and red are the ying and yang of color. Red is thought to symbolize love, passion, energy and power while pink is the color of love, it evokes quiet, calm, relaxation and contentment. So you get what I mean by ying and yang right?

Here are some great rooms in pink and red!

(Channel 4-4 Homes)

(Decor Pad)


(Estersohn and Jones – Southern Accents)

(House Beautiful)

(Met Home)

(The perfect Valentine’s Day Room by Miles Redd)


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  1. Gorgeous rooms. LOVE pink and red.

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