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February 5, 2010 at 11:21 pm | Posted in accessories, resources | 3 Comments
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I love Arhaus furniture but I’ve never bought a piece of furniture there (although I should.) What keeps me coming back there over and over again is their selection of accessories.

(Clay tile candle holder only $19.00, I think they would look great inside or out!)

(Glass dome $59.00)

(Glass hanging square vase $24.00, I’m thinking the more on the wall the better and greater the impact is!)

(Yellow magnolia plates $12.00, I love plates on the wall and again the more the better!)

(Rice Goddess $129.00, I think every room should have a conversational piece!)

So remember to check out the accessories at your favorite furniture store, you just might be surprised!

Happy Friday and Happy Shopping!!!



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  1. I think we need to go there sometime


    I read it aloud to my husband. I seriously doubt this place would make it into Domino, but that was SUCH a nice comment!

    love the glass domes in this post. I have been searching for some for my fireplace!

    Thanks! Stephanie

    • Please Stephanie your apartment is rocking and you know it!!

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